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I am not sure if this is the best place to post this but I am extremely frustrated! This version is extremely slower than the previous version, which in turn was slower than the one before it. Moving from one image to the next, takes at least 5seconds and adjusting any slider causes Lightroom to freeze, with the lovely "circle of death" reminding me that it's thinking and I should not perform any actions, for 2 seconds or so. I am a very tolerant person but feel like I've had it now! It feels like I am falling out of love with a craft that I once was excited about because editing, which is a very important part of the process, doesn't work. And instead of improving, Lightroom has quickly gotten worse over time! It has taken me 2 and a half days to edit 450 photos, and there's a few more to do but Lightroom has now CRASHED hence my angst here! I have a couple jobs more to edit and I am in a position where I am not seeking after more work because of a backlog of jobs to edit. This is really costing me and I am very angry because I just want to get on with my work. Yes I have a decent system, yes I have plenty of RAM, yes I have a SSD installed. ADOBE, please please please, I just want to edit and enjoy it.

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Posted 3 years ago

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U're not alone. Lr is slower and slower. On my 6-core/32GB/3x ssd computer Lr is always slow. 
One option you have is to DISABLE "lens correction" and "detail" panel. Especially later, because noise reduction, which Lr calculates at every "develop slider" change, really slows things down. 

But it is upside down worklflow and U must turn it image per image (times 450 images), and later again switch panels on, image per image (times 450). 

It definitely helps, but it is another pain to do it. 

Adobe should (no, Adobe MUST) provide global turn on/off of panels. Several smart(er) software (or Premiere plugins) have this function built in, so U can disable rendering effect until restart/or export. 

Hope it helps. 
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I will try that Mihael, - turn it off image by image? Wow! Umm I will try that but Adobe should really sort this. Thanks for your reply
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I say OK. And yet total nonsense. To turn off features in order to kick the old bucket running!?!
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That shouldn't be necessary. Adobe would much rather figure out why it's that slow for you and not for most users. The more information you can provide on system specs, monitor resolution and graphics card (& its driver version), camera type, timings, etc, the more likely they are to find the pattern.
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I appreciate Victoria, if Adobe would fix this. But I do not know user that would say Lr is fast. I tried C1 - it have a lot of shortcoming too, but it is not as stammeing as Lr when loading image ir moving sliders. I use Lr from Version 1,5... never was fast. As computers goes faster, images grow in size, so relatively we are the same after decades. And I have everything on SSD's, separate for system, Lr catalog and cache (12GB), and images, than GTX770 card, 32GB 2133 ram, 6-core cpu... and I wait for sliders... not (so much) if I disable NR and sharpening and lens distortion. But still... I remember now defunct CINEFORM FIRST LIGHT software - RT as it can be - for video. Yes we like Adobe integration, but we pay it hard every day. I must say that I search elsewhere for alternative. But Adobe won this buying all relevant products in the past. 
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I have 99 GB of cache now. Maybe it is slightly more fluent..
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I would recommend the following:

1. Reset your preferences file by closing Lightroom, holding down [Alt/Opt]+[Shift] and relaunching Lightroom. Overwrite the preference file when requested. 
2. After preference reset, uninstall Lightroom from the Creative Cloud App.
3. Reboot.
4. Install Lightroom via the Creative Cloud App. 
5. After installation, Optimize the catalog first thing. 

Does you performance/stability improve now?
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can't be certain that I can see improvement, but thank you for the tip.

the plugins - if there were located in the modules folder
they lasted the reset other wise the didn't so I have moved them to that folder and they came back.

important point about spot removal which is an issue with the last version as well.
1. I'm aware of the GPU acceleration issue - that it works faster without it.
2. I found that the main problem of slowness by far is the 4K resolution
3. for example if I do spot removal on 4k on big panoramas of 40000x7000 pixels (280MP) it takes about 8 seconds between each spot removal click to until I get my mouse control back (this includes black screen flicking back and forth). GPU acceleration off., with GPU Acceleration on its about 13 seconds for each spot removal click, and the detail tab is switched off (noise removal).
4. now the best part is that once I switch to 1920x1080 it is instant yes !! on the same massive file.
5. my spec is Nvida GTX 980 Ti, i7 5960X 8 core 64GB DDR4 everything is on m.2 PCI EXpress NVME and SSDs 
6. my files are Phase one IQ280 - 80MP
7. The slowness is in everything but mostly in spot or local adjustments functions (with the GPU off) the when I do sliders adjustment WB / Exposure I turn the GPU back on and its relatively ok in 4K but in 1920x1080 its super fast.

I have the latest drives from nvidia.

any suggestion will be welcomed.
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This corrected the issues I have been having since the most recent update. Thank you.
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Good News - this issue has been fixed in 2015.6.1 just worked with it for about 20 minutes and it is looking good. thank you adobe!
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Still on CC. Still slow. Seems to me that LR cant use more than 6-7 GB of RAM. Every time it gets up there it slows. I shut down LR and start up again and its fine, until....
BTW, I have 64 GB installed so plenty left but LR is not using it!
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I second that. Have 32 Gig installed, LR doesn't make use of it and gets slow after a time.
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Same issue here...
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For the last several months I have gone back and forth between versions.  Today I updated my Nvidia GFX card driver to the latest 375.86.  I have noticed a significant improvement in LR 2015.7

I know its not the end all to the performance problems I've been plagued with LR but it is a start to a bit more reasonable workflow.
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With Lr it seems there is improvement every time you do something to system. So Upgrading driver seems the same. But problem is any speed improvement is only temporarily. Let say I switched to Smart Previews - WOW what a smooth work. But only for 2/3 of the project. Rest of it and any nex projects are doomed again. Than Driver... nice improvement, but for a day. Restarting Lr... for na hour. Restarting PC, same. NOT USING Lr for a day or two yields few hours hassle free work. Seriously!

What the heck is going on here. Are Lr get fatique?  Every time I not use Lr for longer period it is smooth as butter for few hours or even whole day. Than it "fills up" something and is slow as bone growth again. I have 99GB of cache already. On separate SSD!