Lightroom: Library Module Badly In Need of Improvement...

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As someone earning a living, or trying to, via photography it is essential that I be able to deal with metadata quickly and easily, particularly keywording. That said I find this aspect of Ligthroom 3 anything but quick and easy to use. Simply put the whole interface is badly in need of a total overhaul! Case in point, what is the use of coming up with keyword sets if those sets aren't assignable with a single mouse click? And while a 9 keyword limit might work Ok for a hobby photographer it is simply worthless for a pro who often assigns as many as 25 keywords to a single image. In addition, I find the entire interface of the library module to be so "cramped" as to make it nearly impossible to use easily and quickly. Using Library in LR 3 one is put in mind of the Bad Old Days of DOS. Far too much need to memorize details rather than having a simple, uncluttered and spacious landscape within which to work. While I love the Develope module of LR 3 if the Library module is not soon improved I am going to have to move to a new software platform.
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I was going to start a new thread and title it, “Am I the only one having these thoughts.” Now I see that I am not the only one.

I think the Library module of Photoshop Lightroom 3 is horrible! I have a couple of large disk arrays that hold my image libraries. I understand this software demands that we build catalogs and then the program must manage the database of images in these catalogs. So in order to keep the database intact we MUST use Lightroom for all the file management. Okay, fine! Even though there are far better file managers in both Mac and Windows operating environments (I use both), I accept this limitation.

If you insist on making me work in this environment with all my files, why do you not provide robust tools to allow me to effectively manage my files? If you work within the Library module for any time at all, you quickly find that simple tasks like splitting up the images on a card into separate folders as you import, or moving them once you find you have imported them into an unknown folder, is difficult. Even after importing over 100,000 images with Lightroom, I still make mistakes importing into the wrong folder. I am not a casual user. If this is a problem for me, it is a problem for millions of users. If you like to groom your data, this interface does not work!

What would I do. Overhaul the whole interface! It simply sucks.

I realize you are not going to do that, so please consider this. Make it easy to use and obvious!

Any file manager can move, copy, delete and manage files with super ease. That should be the goal of the Library module. I know it does these things now, but to say it is cumbersome is an understatement. This should be a slick module right up front, not something we need to muddle through. And as far as I can tell, it's low hanging fruit too. This should be easy to address since it has been done in many other file managers already. Forget about new features for a minute and make the standard set of tools rock solid!

I only use two modules anyway. I have far better tools for slideshows, web projects and printing. I am a pro shooter, webmaster (18 years) and professional printer (Epson 4800 and 9800).

Today, I am going to investigate Aperture just because my frustration is boiling over and it sounds like Lightroom 4 does not have any Library module improvements in it. Of course I will download the beta and try it, but I need better control of my library than this program offers!