Photoshop: Can we please have a left hand mode?

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If you really want to LIBERATE our creativity, ACCELERATE our work and DRIVE new mediums, then liberate all left handed people from the weight of finding extra solutions to navigate and work fluently in your apps. Thanks! 
Yes, I'm also saying this because Photoshop for Ipad looks such a Right handed app. So please have mercy on us left handed people!!
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  • full of hope in this

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Thanks! But is not about that. Take the scroll menus for instance, I use a cintiq and whenever Ineed to choose a brush or scroll down I need to switch to the mouse, cause if Iuse the pen I literally cover the whole menu with my hand and can't see what I'm choosing. This doesn't happen when you're right handed.
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This is exactly why I sold my Cintiq. I was an early adopter in 2006, but only used it for about 8 months before getting incredibly frustrated and returning to regular intuos.  Its an interface issue that affects not only Photoshop, but Windows as an operating system.  Wish these companies would get some lefties on their dev teams!  Virtually all drop down menus are designed for right handers.  The only company I've seen genuinely address this issue is Autodesk.  Menus in Maya are offset slightly to the right so they don't pop up under your hand, and of course the Marking Menu system is great for both leftys and rightys.
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you guys know that you can go into edit, then keyboard shortcuts in photoshop. i changed control z to ctrl /. it takes a bit getting used to but its less frustrating then reaching across the keyboard. 
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Lightroom CC for the iPad can be set for left handed people, so maybe this comment is a bit premature.
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I prefer to post it as an idea than as a complain. Don't you think?
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Trying to search for brushes in Photoshop with your left hand is so tough. Your hand covers the thing you are trying to find! CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A LEFT HAND MODE!!!!
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Some selections are pointing in the opposite directions (example) going to Layer>new layer fill the options are pointing left instead of right where it should be.
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add an option to flip all scroll bars to the left side for left handed people using a cintiq tablet. its super awkward currently to scroll. 3d coat has implemented this , here's hoping photoshop can too
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Though I am not left handed but I really feel the need of this. Many left handed people use Photo shop on I pad and face this issue. There are some app who are clever enough to make a version or give an option so that left handed people can work easily. Please kindly think about this matter. 
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The biggest issue I face is PS’s right handed bias in the brush tool. Select a legacy brush, in particular an erodible pencil, because you can see clearly the outline of the pencil shape. Holding it with your left hand you see a pencil shape. This indicates you are using the side of your pencil. Hold it with your right hand and you’ll see you’re using the point.
This behaviour continues with modern brushes that have directional control settings applied, like many of Kyle’s amazing brushes. Some brushes never looked correct to me when using my left hand but when a draw an arc with my right hand, I can see the intent of the brush. I don’t know if Kyle is left or right handed but I have noticed the differences in drawing with either hand.