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We are UX/UI Designers. Me and my friends, we usually don't write posts like this because Adobe has their own UX/UI Designers.

But as far as most of them (all of them?) are now working at XD and the consistency between the core Adobe products is really sad, it makes me argue with my fellows who already moved to Sketch, off we go.

The move tool is our most used tool in the Photoshop and we work with texts a lot.
Hold Cmd(Mac) + click on the layer and you can select it without searching the layer palette.
(If Select Layer/Group dropdown is set to Layer)

Hold alt and
you can drag-copy the object, which since CC even shows the pink marker of distance between the old and the new one in pixels. Very, very,very useful indeed!
PS Team have worked hard to finally bring this feature to us. And we (who still stay with PS and hopes for "XD") use it every minute, because we have to keep everything consistent right? And if not user experience between Adobe Products (which isn't our job), than at least spaces between elements :)

So we copy/duplicate everything with Move Tool (Space markers are visible)


Watch the Gif it's working like a charm >

So we transformed the text a couple of times but we are professionals, right? So we need to do it a little bit more, say 1000? 5.000? 10.000 times a day?

Would you eptect at least to be able to Transform Again via shortcut like in Illustrator?

Or like In Indesign with even more options?

Or maybe we have a Repeat Grid function of the XD which is extremely useful?

Or like in Sketch (in the way, which is 100% identical to Illustrator)?

Well we are in Photoshop.
So probably as far as we have COPIED and TRANSFORMED our text by moving it we can...

And the answer is NO because you CAN'T.

It's 2016 baby, and we still can't find an option in PS to repeat the last transformation of the object with move tool.

Use the Cmd+alt Transform tool instead, followed by "Transform Again"  you would say?
Well I'll show you the difference.

  1. It's 2 more steps to select a transformation tool and deselect it afterwards for every copy 

  3. Very high chances for accidentally transform the text/object 
  4. The transformation box closes the view when it comes to pixels (and it's 10/10 situations when I work with UI)
  5. It's glitchy too Gif>
Isn't it a shame that we UX/UI Designers have to use Invision Labs Duplicate in Photoshop for such simple actions because internal features are inconsistent and fractured?

I'm not even talking about "Type" for Data driven Design because I have 0 hope that such things possible among the internal features of PS.

So would you make at least your core functions USER FRIENDLY please?
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I'd love to have the Move tool have a "Move Again" command, since Move isn't one of the Transform commands. Working more like Illustrator with transform/transform with copy/transform again, would be nice. In general, I prefer the way Smart Guides work in AI to PS, and would also think a Make Guides feature would be sensible in PS with so much attention being paid now to design enhancements.