Left in the lurch by broken promises and questionable analysis on Lightroom perpetual

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Here's a short guide on how to create a long goodbye from Lightroom (perpetual) users.
1. Make promises of continuing Lightroom perpetual forever and break them three years later. 
2. Leave Lightroom 6.x perpetual users with a two year old feature set in a cul de sac  
3. Make decisions on doubtful analysis about users converting from perpetual - does Adobe you know how many users are still using old versions of Lightroom at all alet alone pending a new release?
4. Have a 'no-way-back' feature for anyone deciding after a trial that the new Lightroom Classic is not suitable.
5. Charge users an absurdly high monthly charge for providing Lightroom bundled with unwanted other software.
6. Leave desktop users of Lightroom only with no option but ditching LR through lack of support.
7. Spurious explanation that perpetual versions are more difficult to support are unconvincing

It is a shoddy piece of decision making ignoring user requirements. I have no use for Photoshop so do not want to pay for it. I made a decision to stay with Lightroom based on promises of three years ago which have been totally undermined, after using Lightroom for 10 years.  I would have started the search for an alternative much earlier. I have little intention of adopting a forever subscription from anyone especially if one costing more than a mobile phone contract. A Lightroom Classic only subscription might prove usable but not an LR mobile only offering.    

All in all the current releases and re-packaging do not meet my needs. Hence it is the beginning of a long goodbye.    
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Posted 11 months ago

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Most of what you said....I mean, everyone has opinions :) 

But this part:
5. Charge users an absurdly high monthly charge for providing Lightroom bundled with unwanted other software.

IDK. $9.99/mo is great for me, but for me, photoshop and the cloud features (I honestly mostly subscribe because of the freedom LR mobile gives me...even if that's just doing pick/reject on the shitter) are well worth it. YMMV 
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The 10 moneys per month option is roughly double the price for those of us who used to upgrade every second or third PS/LR release, and even more expensive for those who never use PS. A best case scenario of "double the price" could be called "absurdly high" without much problems. 

As for the cloud and mobile features, they are rather useless in my case for two reasons: LR Mobile / CC isn't supported on my phone and I don't own a tablet. The second and the more important reason is that the cloud is not yet ready for serious photo catalogues: A multiple TB-catalogue of raw files and single file sizes ranging from tens of MB to GB level are not really nice until gigabit internet connections become commonplace and affordable. Not to mention Adobe's not-so-wonderful track record with online security. 
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The 1) on your list might be said to be the most important one, as its a direct cause for many of the other points. Here's the original statement about "indefinitely" providing perpetual licensing options: http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2013/05/lightroom-and-the-creative-cloud.html. Sneaky, as it's not "infinitely", even though commonly understood as "a long time" in that context. 

I find the arguments about perpetual licenses being arduous to support unconvincing: Adobe could just provide an option to purchase a perpetual license as a snapshot of the current/any CC version, and make it clear that what you buy is what you get with no future updates. Or be even be benevolent and allow for a period of being able to receive updates for possible critical bugs in the snapshotted release. 
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Just goes to show that Adobe can not be trusted.