Layer Style weirdness: Satin displays over the top of Inner Glow, and Stroke nullifies other attributes

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There are two features of Layer Styles that seem like bugs to me, or at least poorly explained features.

First off, the hierarchy of Satin and Inner Glow appears to be incorrectly displayed. Inner Glow is above Satin, implying that its effect gets displayed over the top of Satin's effect (as happens with, say, Color Overlay and Gradient Overlay), when in fact the opposite happens: Satin gets superimposed over Inner Glow.

The second problem is the peculiar way that any pixels affected by Stroke have all other attributes nullified (except those from Bevel & Emboss).

For example: If you have a red color overlay and a blue *inside* stroke of 10px width and 50% opacity, you would expect the 10px outline of the layer to be purple, right? But instead, you just get a 10px band of blue at 50% opacity, because the red color overlay for those pixels has vanished (the red still appears on the inside of the layer that was unaffected by stroke).

This behaviour is different to all the other layer style attributes, which will combine rather than nullify each other. The failure of Stroke to combine properly with other attributes is a non-issue when the stroke blend mode is "normal" at 100%, but is a problem with most other blending modes, and any opacity below 100%.

I'm using the latest version of CC 2014, but this unusual stroke behaviour is as old as the hills - I remember this problem from at least 10 years ago. I'm not sure if it's an ancient entrenched bug, or if there's a legitimate reason for it. (if it's the latter, feel free to enlighten me).

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