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Lightroom CC and Keywords.
It appears that the CC version only has limited support for keywords. For those of us who have spent years collecting or building controlled vocabularies, this would be a critical requirement and is a potential game-changer in respect of migrating to the CC version. Dealing with 10,000 bird species in a variety of languages including scientific binomials ain't going to be fun in a flat keyword list. I recognise that for people who only want 'blue', 'sky', 'holiday' this won't be important, but for digital asset management it is pretty up there.
Support for a continuation of hierarchical controlled vocabularies would be much appreciated.
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Mike Creighton

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Posted 1 year ago

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Ivan Unger

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My keyword list is probably not THAT deep, but not being able to migrate existing keywords is a major roadblock.
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Edward Coderre

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I hope Adobe addresses these problems quickly. Not conforming the functioning of keywords and commenting across Classic, CC and CC mobile versions is a huge blunder! Lightroom CC desktop is absolutely useless without syncing keywords and adding comments.
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I would add my support for this feature request. In the end I believe Adobe should not allow Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC to diverge in such a fundamental area. One of Lightroom's strengths has always been its database - and the many ways to get to the relevant photo. A cut down version in Lightroom CC does not play to this strength. In addition the inability to add keywords in CC and sync them to classic is a problem in many workflows.
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Susanne Edelmann

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It is really important to us to export keywords into Creative Cloud. It should be a standard feature!

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Martijn Sinnema

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I would like this mostly because of not being able to sync keywords between my Lightroom Classic desktop, and pre-selecting/tagging synced photos on my ipad on Lightroom Mobile on the go.

I can only flag and rate them (and do some adjustments), but I can't apply colours, and I can't do any keywording (and have it transfer back to Lightroom Classic). I know of the technical reasons behind that (flat vs hierarchical), so if that really is the main limitation preventing fully functional keyword syncing, then please streamline that...

The Classic app is for different audiences than the CC app, that's all fine by me, but Classic users also have mobile parts of their workflow and a part of that is just not functional because you decided to link Mobile with one but not the other.
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Robert Latimer

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To quote Jim MSP above...
Adobe should not allow Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC to diverge in such a fundamental area. One of Lightroom's strengths has always been its database.

This deficiency makes LR CC a eunuch.
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Jon Burns

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It's hard to believe something as fundamental as keywords doesn't work between CC and Classic.  I literally just set up to use Lightroom CC for the sole purpose of working on keywords when I had spare time.  I only found this forum once I started trying to figure out why my keywords weren't syncing.  Shame on Adobe for pushing out CC before it could perform the most basic functions.
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Lorenzo Leone

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this is terrible. First of all because Lightroom CC isnt' able to replace Lightroom classic.
In addition i can't believe that sync keyword is a so difficult addition
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I agree this is a fundamental issue. I use the two Lightrooms together and keep a close eye and understanding on the syncing behaviour. Honestly I'm okay waiting for the product to mature and I know that the transition is not ready for everyone - that includes me.

I just cannot imagine a world where the new Lightroom CC doesn't support Hierarchical Keywords and the syncing (or even a one time migration) from Classic. It makes me nervous to think that this data I've put a lot of work into has no future at Adobe. Tell me it's on a road map and I'll patiently wait.