Lightroom Desktop: Please add keyword auto-complete that offers suggestions from the existing keyword list

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Please can keyword entry have an auto-complete that offers suggestions from the existing keyword list.  This would be a huge enhancement to stop the problem of variations on a theme.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Just wanted to bump this a little. I've been making a conscious effort to develop a workflow for my new pictures. With the lack of multiple flags in Cloud, I'm using a keyword to mark photos during my first quick flip through an import that have potential but will need specific attention to get there. Not having that keyword autocomplete is an annoyance.
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I would agree - although there are a lot of additional keyword management elements I'd like to see, this would be a pretty simple first step.
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yes please
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+1 Here!!!
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Yes please. Keyword Lists as well.
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+1, even better, perhaps also have suggestions before you even start typing, and a way to see all the keywords. I hate ending up with "mountain goats," "mountain goat," "goat," and "goats" because I can't remember which keyword I've been using.
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Yes, autocomplete metadata and tags with suggestions.
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YES. This is a major issue for me, since there isn't an easy way to manage/merge keywords. Please fix it!
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I agree - this is ridiculous that it is not included!  Feels like a complete step backwards! 

With fat thumbs and lots of photos to import - it is easy to mistype a keyword without autocomplete and end up with a number of variations of the same word.  (flowers, floewrs, flowerd) 

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This is going to sound like trolling but isn't.  

I posted this idea within days of CC being launched and keywords haven't been updated in any way.  Nor are there smart albums to take advantage of keywords (smart collection syncing being a request that pre-dates CC by a years) .  I want tags (aka keywords) and smart albums because they offer far more flexibility than hierarchical folders (although they can quite happily co-exist).

It's like Adobe's view of SaaS apps is to add features not refine the basics that would make Lightroom really usable.  For me, it's like they don't know whether it's Photoshop or a digital asset manager first.

I closed my account when I realised that Apple's photos was the simpler DAM and round-tripping to an editor when needed.
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I don't typically chime in for the sake of chiming in but this is truly an issue. I moved to CC because my needs are not as sophisticated as they once were and the backup originals is a nice bonus. However to not even have an autofill is just absurd in my opinion. How am I supposed to maintain consistency without autofill? 
Keywords in Apple Photos do come in when you import. Seriously? That is my workaround? 
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This is the main thing that's preventing me from switching from Apple Photos to Lightroom. I rely heavily on keywords, often the scientific names of insects, plants, etc. There's no way I'm typing out keywords like "Megachile centuncularis" all the time.