Lightroom: Ability to export pages as JPEGs from Book Module in LR4

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In the new LR4 Book module, is it possible to also provide a jpg/tiff option instead of just pdf? Quite a few book printing companies do not accept pdfs, and we will have to us their inhouse software.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Yeah - but without free definition of page sizes this is pretty pointless !

Limited to those strange Blurb US sizes I cannot even define a decent format for full-frame display on an iPad... !

So they have not included custom page sizes into 4.1 final and the Book module remains unusable for me for another several months ?
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Hi Folks,

Has anyone actually tried the LR4.1 Book module 'Export Book to JPEG' output function? I just did and the images are softer than a same-sized export using LR 'File> Export' output without any sharpening.

It's apparent there is something radically wrong with the way the book pages are being rendered for JPEG output. I posted this in the LR forums to see if perhaps it was something with my configuration, but have had no replies as of this writing:


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"Has anyone actually tried the LR4.1 Book module 'Export Book to JPEG' output function?"

I played around with the book module in the public beta, the 30 day trial of the official 4.0 release, 4.1RC1, 4.1RC2 and the 30 day trial of the final release ... I never really scrutinized the output under close observation. As I recall, they didn't look bad, but am not sure if they would do well in the finished product. Without the ability to create document/page dimensions used by my vendors for printing, the whole effort was an exercise in futility.

At that point there was still no way to create custom page sizes ... I decided to pass on the Lr4 upgrade until there is a way to customize page sizes because the module is totally useless for my workflow until there is such a method ... (as well as other incomplete features I won't go into here) ... Six month later after Jeff T promised documentation, still nothing about custom page sizes.

Sounds like the lack export to jpeg sharpening from the book module is another reason to add to the list for taking a pass. Sad really because I thought if anyone could get a book module done right it would be Adobe ... but then I have been wrong before ...
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I just reported this issue as another problem with the LR4.1 Book module: