Photoshop: Adjustable grid size for the warp tool

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Posted 8 years ago

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Agreed, I'd love to be able to choose the number of subdivisions in the Warp command, that would make that tool much more useful and versatile. I think even Illustrator can do it.
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This thread has gone on for 8 years! Wtf? What are we paying for? Adobe is ignoring its users. I have been using and paying for this software for almost 30 years and am frustrated with their subscription tranny and the fact they can’t fix basic tools. I am going to move on. What software out there can warp on a grid or should I just go directly into 3D and get z-paint? The price would likely come out in the wash with the improvement in my 3D items. Painting texture maps in photoshop is starting to feel archaic. Adobe. What can you respond please?
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what I think is needed is for an option in Liquify to use a Bezier curves (like paths) adjustment. So we can can transform objects and areas a bit more smoothly than the push/pull of Liquify. And you'll be able to go back and forth between these 2 methods. then by doing this in the Liquify dialogue you have access to freeze and thaw brushes so selective areas can be protected at will. and in the end you can save a mesh and load it onto something else like a layer mask. By adding transform to Liquify and giving a more dense transform grid the user would have a really powerful image transformation tool.

Maybe I should make this a new topic and flesh it out more.
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Adobe - its been a few years since this request has been brought up - any feedback from you?
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Here's Nuke's highly flexible and customiseable grid warp in action;

I'd love to see something similar in pshop that can be used along with smart layers.
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Thats why I suggested here literally years ago to add a warp tool to the liquify dialogue so you can move pixels like painting as well as shifting pixels more fluidly like the warp grid lines. Even if they added more grid lines to warp - there is no mesh feature - so adding warp to liquify would be really helpful for that reason alone.
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I bet they don't know how to do that ;)
Proove me wrong Adobe!
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Mariusz Janecki: Just for curious... What is more important for you. Fixing bugs and workflow breaks or new features? :-)
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Hi sorry I didn't find this group earlier, I started another one in the same line "
How to Modify grid/net/web in transformation in number of lines and color ?"
here is what I wrote there:

Hi, I am using photoshop CS5. I am working with electron microscopy images that are in gray "color" only. I need to use the deformation tools and free transformation. In free transformation a selection separating the image in 9 squares with 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines.

1- I would love to know how to increase the numbers of these h & v lines since I need to apply very subtle warping deformation to my images

2- Since my images are grey and the line of the selection too... I would also love to know how to change the color of these lines

Thank you so much

then Dave answered:

Do you mean the grid?

If so, you can set it in Preferences  - Guides, Grids and Slices where you choose divisions, subdivisions and colour.

This screenshot is CS6 , the oldest version I have installed, but the options are the same



I precised my point:

Thanks for your interest

Sorry I was not clear, I wrote grid/net/web trying to describe le colors of the lines that border the 9 squares that appears when you go Ctrl+T (transformation) then click on the icon that allows switchs between free transform and deform:


those lines are grey and I cannot see them on the image I work with. Is there a way to change this parameter of color somewhere from gray to say red ?

Thanks a lot

JM Hermel

Dave replied


No, at present the Warp grid is limited to 9 squares and the grid is fixed at light grey / dark grey depending on the content behind it.


There is an old and ongoing feature request for more squares here, you may wish to add your comments:

Photoshop: Adjustable grid size for the warp tool | Photoshop Family Customer Community



Hi Dave thanks a lot for your time and expertise, too bad for me thought. It is strange that you can parameter all grids, lines etc and not this one. I guess it is the same problem with de puppet tool the lines are also light gray by default and not parametrable ? Well photoshop is alike us almost perfect but perfectible. Thanks anyway.

JM Hermel

Well every thing is said already above, the improvement of this tool has been called for years now. May be in a couple of version we will see this improvement coming. Have a nice one.

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Well, the implementation of the warp/distort and liquify tools in PhotoLine might serve as an example: the warp tool allows for a custom warp grid by simply clicking on the edges.

Distortions can be stacked using grouping, and the liquify function is implemented as a non-destructive layer, and any number of liquify layers can be stacked. Even the resolution can be changed independently for each liquify layer.

And liquify layers may be cloned/instanced for re-use throughout the layer stack: update the original liquify layer, and the clones update in realtime.

Very flexible. It would be nice if Photoshop's distort/warping and liquify tools would offer similar options.
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SInce I posted this in the wrong thread, just following a connection from an email, here it is where it's meant to be:

Yes, this has been asked for for years and years now. Adobe has given us multiple ways to warp, but they're scattered about and finding just the right one that's quick and efficient for the need hasn't always been easy. Today, even remembering the multiple ways for transforming/warping has become difficult.

Think about it. No central location for access to : Adaptive Wide Angle, Perspective Warp, Puppet Warp, Warp, Transform, Free Transform, Perspective Crop, and then there's poor Vanishing Point way out in the hinterlands. And Liquify is yet another form of warping/transforming. Probably the only warp/transform tool that's in the obvious place for it is Text Warp. I think for most of us, all those warps and transformations also translates to a lot of confusion, while the basic Warp doesn't confuse anyone—it just is SO limited.

This is  a reason Warp needs to be more flexible. It's simple, stable, and if it had more anchors (in fact, were more like Gradient Mesh in AI, but for shape) it would be easy to locate, easy to use, and an easy choice to make for many common needs.
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Cristen nailed it - Perfectly stated, all of it, exactly what is needed.