Lightroom Classic: Library crash(not responding) after adding larger quantities of metadata.

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I have issues with LR Classic CC Library crashing (Message: "LR not responding") after adding larger quantities of metadata in the DNG. The above problem started when I decided to add older pre-digital era photos. These photos have no exif or date/time/place embedded since they are negatives or slides. As a result I have to add the above metadata manually.

This was with my "old" Win10 PC a HP Z620 with Xeon processor and ample storage on a internal HDD (E:) the catalog was on the same drive. I was advised by Adobe support to move the Catalog to the C: drive and purge the cache. Give the LRcache extra Gb's (15 Gb) and leave the photos (approx: 10000.) on the E:drive.

This seemed to be working. After working some time with the data the problems re-appeared. (LR not responding) It looks like LR is locked in some kind of "loop". To get out of this loop I have to end LR forcefully by Ctrl-Alt-Del and stop LR Classic. The result is that a larger part of the metadata is lost and not added to the DNG.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

FYI: Since the Z620 is old I decided to upgrade to a new custombuilt PC. The specs are more than sufficiënt to do PS (which works fine) and has only SSD drives. A Intel i9-9900 CPU 3.1Ghz and 32Gb memory. The issue mentioned above is still present!
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Posted 2 months ago

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I might have a problem similar to yours. That is, adding keywords and metatdata to my photos results eventually in Lr grinding to a halt. I don't crash out of it. I wait and eventually Lr sorts itself out and I continue. But this is a nuisance. I have been thinking that more RAM might be what's needed. I have 16GB. When life is a bit more normal, I plan to increase my RAM to 32GB. It would, or course, be nice if there were a cheaper answer to the problem. My system is Win10 and I believe that everything is up to date. I have plenty of space on my Drobo which is where I keep my images (around 60,000).
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We have few questions:
  1. Could you specify which version of Lightroom Classic are you using?
  2. When you say large quantities of metadata, are you using a metadata preset for this? Also, how many images are you applying these at once?
  3. Do you have automatically write metadata changes turned on?
    "Edit > Catalog Settings > Metadata tab > Automatically write changes to XMP"
  4. All all the images you are adding metadata/keywords to locally present or on a external storage (hard disk, network, NAS, etc)?
Lightroom Classic team
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Hi, Smit, K


To answer your questions I must give some details on the stored photos. All photos are stored on a internal (permanently) attached disk the D: drive. It contains only photos. Total count up to now: 10160. 1.1 Tb used of 1.8 Tb diskspace. The actual catalog resides on the C:drive in pictures.

 Within Photos there a 6 decades 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2009, 2010-2019, 2020-2029. Each decade has 9 folders representing the years and within each year are the shootdates.

On the D: drive I use the following folder hierarchy: In this example:
Photos>1990-1999>1995>1995-05-01> mjwn19950501-001.dng. (Maybe that's the wrong way, but I am used to do that and it worked fine.)

1.Version LRCC is the latest. (The one with the Whale splashscreen.)

2.The metadata preset I use is for the person who did the shoot with IPTC contact, image, workflow Copyrights template. Per photo or multiple shots I add extra info regarding what/who and what it means and if needed extra tagwords. Depending on the year and date the quantity of images varies 1- 250. Having learned that selecting as few as possible works better I try to avoid selecting over 50 images. I spite of that it seems if the dedicated cache seems to fill up and slows down the process.  

3.Automatically write changes to xmp is ON in Catalog settings.

4.As mentioned above the D: drive is an internal drive and a SSD of 2Tb.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Martin,

I am not able to reproduce this issue on our end. Could you share an sample image where this is happening, the metadata preset you are using and the .lrcat and .lrcat-wal (if present)?

I would be sending an email to you for the same so that you do not have to share those files here in public forum.