Lightroom Classic 7.5: Live Photos + Synchronize Folder + Missing Photos. Workaround?

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I had originally posted this in the forums, but was asked to post it here as well so that the engineers can see. Copying my post below:

If a folder in LR has Live Photos added from iPhone/Photos export from Mac, in actual folder on OS ( in Finder for e.g.) it contains 2 files with the same name but 2 different extensions e.g. IMG_0001.jpg and

When Synchronize Folder option is used on this folder, it reports the .jpgs as missing. I can choose to see those missing photos through "Show Missing Photos" in the dialog box, and they come up in a  temporary catalog "Photos Missing From Folder..XYZ".


  1. These photos don't have the usual missing photo icon on their thumbnails.
  2. I can find the photo through "Show In Finder" option -so the photos are NOT actually missing
  3. If I now choose Library->Find All Missing Photos, LR concludes there are No Missing Photos and my previously auto generated catalog "Photos Missing From Folder..XYZ" is  removed from the LR explorer on the left.
I could see the discussion on the Synchronize bug and missing photos, and this seems to be an extension,  but is there a workaround? Is the only solution renaming the .jpgs? Also - if I simply rename one .jpg ( e.g. IMG_001_1.jpg) , then upon Synchronize, it shows a new photo for import and the missing photo count is still the same. But now at least that missing photo has the missing photo icon when I choose to see the missing photos.

Can someone from Adobe comment if there is a fix in works ? Live photos are fairly common now, so it would be great if LR can handle them correctly. I have seen some discussion about stacking RAW + JPEG and using that setting. It seems that may work, but is there anything else that is broken because I don't really have RAW+JPEG ?
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi NM,

What is the version of Lightroom and OS you are using?

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Lightroom Classic version: 7.5 [ 1186149 ] on macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6
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I synchronized some folders that has Live photos (both jpg and mov) in Lightroom Classic. Didn't see this issue.
What happens when you try to import from the same folder? Does the Import grid display both JPEG and MOV?

Ideally, Lightroom Classic should import both mov and JPEG files of a Live photo. You don't need to explicitly change any settings. Please let us know if the problem persists and can be consistently reproduced. We can investigate further off-list. 

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Thanks Sunil,

I tried a test where I created a new folder on my Mac with a JPEG and MOV corresponding to the same Live Photo ( so just 2 files total) . I "added" the folder through LR- which brought me to the import screen.

The import screen showed both JPG and MOV files but they were grayed out as "Don't Import Suspected Duplicates" was checked by default. When I uncheck that option, I can import both files and can see them in Library mode in that folder.

However, when I run Synchronize on them, LR still reports 1 file as missing. When I choose "Show Missing Files" option and use "Show in Finder" on that photo, it takes me to the JPG version. So, I would say the problem still persists. 

Same as mentioned before, if I now choose Library->Find All Missing Photos, LR concludes there are No Missing Photos and my previously auto generated catalog "Photos Missing From Folder..XYZ" is  removed from the LR explorer on the left.

I would say that this behavior is very repeatable.

Can you try the same test and report what you see? 
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@NM will it be possible for you to share your catalog. We will look into this issue.
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Apologize about the delay in responding. I would ideally like to help without sharing photos or catalog because the photos/catalog will have a lot of private metadata. What is the privacy policy around these things and online forum?

Note that these photos were originally exported from Photos app on my mac. In Photos, the Live photo shows up as just one entry/photo, but when you export "unmodified" original, it exports as two files - a .JPG and a .MOV.

I updated my LR to version 8.0 and the problem still persists. 

However, the Photos app detail might be relevant because of another experiment I tried. I re-exported both .JPG and .MOV of the same Live photos from LR ( photos which were originally exported from Photos and both imported successfully into LR  ) after removing location info (but I don't think location info is relevant) , and then copied them into the same folder as originals with same names between .JPG and .MOV but different from original names e.g. IMG_001 was exported from Photos app as IMG_001.JPG and IMG_001.MOV . Both were successfully imported to LR. The location info was erased and both were exported out of LR as IMG_001_Exported.JPG and IMG_001_Exported.MOV . Both were then copied back into the same folder as IMG_001.JPG and IMG_001.MOV.

Upon synchronizing this folder, I was expecting to get 2 files to import - IMG_001_Exported.JPG and IMG_001_Exported.MOV, like when it happened the first time when I was able to import IMG_001.JPG and IMG_001.MOV. But, this time around, the LR import screen just showed me one file to import - the .MOV !!

This could be related to the issue.

Can you try the Photos app based workflow to test the original issue and then also if the second thing above happens?