Is Light Room 4 Worth It

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After years of using both Photoshop and Light Room, I have been amazed how all the guys at Adobe are able to have a dream and put it all into a programme, so we can have a ride of a lifetime sharing their skill and craft on providing clients with images beyond imagination. I would to send my most humble thanks to you all.
Furthermore when the latest version of Light Room came out on BETA, I had to have a play and see if I could offer my clients something new, thus improving my service to them. Oh YES! Just to name one new feature, The Blurb book option is great, something I could offer as a package and with all the other new tools and extras, it had to be on my shopping list.
Then on release day the price was confirmed as sub £100!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC! You know for most photographers, those who don’t get those massive contracts, the ones who work 18hours a day in providing a professional service to clients as promised, this was good news.
Even though my finger nails were just digging in on the edge of survival, I had to go with it, I simply could not let it pass by. Then my package arrived, so excited, it was loaded onto my desktop pc and away we began the journey. FANTASTIC!
Everything I had seen on Adobe, YouTube, was on my own Pc, at my own finger tips, it was all there, to have the massive, massive tool at my disposal was mind blowing.
THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WALLOP.........THE DOWN SIDE, THE LET DOWN,............... THE DISAPPOINTMENT
I don’t know if I’m different to most photographers, but I tend to double up on equipment, cameras, lenses, lights, flash cards, batteries, printers, even computers, Desk top for home and a Lap Top for home and on site, even doing wedding portfolio presentations. Just so if any kind of problem came a long I could still deliver my promise to clients.
So I loaded the new Light Room 4 onto my Lap Top,
How important is it to have a second computer to work on?
Can’t even consider not having one as I am a DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHER
Then it dawned on me, in order to load up the same programme I had just purchased for one computer, I had to buy yet another copy, wait for that to arrive and then start again. And in future if anything happened to my lap top. Or pc, I would have to replace the programme again, time after time. Which is simply not an option for me, so before I lose my grip completely, and fall into the dark hole of reality, its time to make a decision.
Wrap it up. 13 years of struggling day to day just to survive, is it worth it?
Maybe if I were in my 30's or 40's but not anymore
Just too old at 55 to have Brick Wall after Brick Wall placed in the way of trying to earn a living.
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Posted 7 years ago

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I'm sorry, but this post is too rambling and poorly formatted to make any sense of.

It sounds like you regret purchasing Lr 4.x. Perhaps you can just say the exact reasons why?

By the way, you could have used a full demo of the software for a month before buying.
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You can have Lightroom on two computers. Many people do. So what error message are you getting? "It wouldn't let me" is too woolly. What operating system is the laptop?

And please be concise and stick to the point. ;)
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What I got out of it:

* Lightroom 4, the program, is good, but
* OP couldn't install on 2nd computer.

How'd I do?
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Ah yes, it appears you are right. Buried in the posting was this:

So I loaded the new Light Room 4 onto my Lap Top,

So, the OP should focus on explaining how it wouldn't let him. What errors? What roadblocks? As long as the laptop meets the system requirements, you should be fine.

So, more details, please.