Photoshop 2020: Is there a legacy option for the warp tool?

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would like option to use older warp tool version without so many grids and points
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Posted 8 months ago

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They've exposed the bezier handles to the 3x3 grid in the dropdown that the older versions had. You now can control everything directly and can add as many grid lines and anchors as you need. I don't think there's a way back. You can drag on where grid lines intersect using the anchor and ignore the bezier lines, but that's about as close to the old way as I think you'll get.
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Is there a way to have a Warp grid preset become the default in PS rather than to have to go to the menu each time and select it?  Thank you

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This is very helpful, Cristen.  Thank you!
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Sorry, I can't help, but i can vent.
This new warp would be great if moving one handle or line didn't affect all other handles attached to it.
For example: Previously if i had one horizontal line dissecting a square object, and i grabbed that line and dragged it down (still within the square) the overall shape would still be a square but the pixels in the centre would've been stretched and compressed downwards.
Now if i were to do the same action, the left and ride sides also get distorted. Creating somewhat of an hourglass figure.
I thought that maybe i could treat the handles the same as the pen tool handles and hold alt/option to move only one handle but this does nothing. It seems all handles from anchors that aren't on the corner are set at right angles to each other, and theres nothing you can do about it.  Moving one handle affects all other handles from that anchor and they will move in sync to stay at right angles. 

However, I do like that you can add as many grid lines as you want though.
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The new version is not good!  Now impossible to achieve the results that I used to create easily.  Please make the legacy tool available as soon as possible...
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Guys its been months since this was reported and no amend has been made. Its stopping me doing my job and I'm sure (clearly noted on other pages and forums) others feel the same. So Il'll say it again,,,

The current WARP tool is useless as we have no control of how the warp affects areas we don't want warped. We need more detailed control over the beziers like in Illustrator as was in previous versions.

To fix it - Keep the new additions of Horizontal and Vertical insertion splits BUT allow us to constrain how the beziers affect the splits. ie WE want to control the bends end results not the software. 

Not everybody who uses Photoshop is a photographer and wants a homogenised warp for images to move bits and bobs together - we need control of the warp.