Lightroom Classic 8.1: Not responding on Windows 10 system

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Speed for any of a few plain actions (such as add keyword, remove from collection, or the ability to use brush tool without pausing over each thumbnail in the grid) with sizeable (130K+) collections is becoming so slow with no indication of when it has completed whatever.  I can't tell if it is safe to start work on other pictures in the collection because the window is typically displaying (Not Responding) on a Windows 10 system instead of displaying a progress indicator to let me know it is still working toward a goal.

Even deleting five pictures from that collection takes > three minutes sometimes while the dreaded (Not Responding) is being displayed as part of the window Title.  When I select multiple photos on the grid, if I were to hit Delete, it has a bad habit of only displaying "Loading..." on the lower line of the thumbnail grid while waiting for something that should be dealing with a database file record of what is in the Collection, not tossing big old picture files around.  :)

I was needing to remove a bunch of pictures from one collection that I created from my main catalog for the sole purpose of rapidly deciding which ones to print, but the massive collection is a losing proposition for me.

Here is my system info.
Lightroom Classic version: 8.1 [ 1200465 ]
License: Creative Cloud
Language setting: en
Operating system: Windows 10 - Home Premium Edition
Version: 10.0.17134
Application architecture: x64
System architecture: x64
Logical processor count: 4
Processor speed: 3.4 GHz
Built-in memory: 12235.6 MB
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Somethings using up memory in background. Do a memory use check while in LR. Might be a Win 10/Commercial backup running or another app. Do a cold reboot and load only from Creative Cloud. Also make sure memory allocation for caching is sufficient; use ExHD for this. Low actual DRAM, <8 Mgs also problematic with newest upgrades cause they're memory hogs. Old coding stuffing up the address calls due to required backward compatibility with older CPUs. Lightroom CC reputed to be all-fresh coding and Adobe's bet on the future. 
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Considering my old age (first CBM system had all of 3,583 bytes!) and that $A9 01 meant LDA #$01 on my 65XX processor, multitasking setup is getting beyond me most likely.  Sometimes have trouble remembering when my BBS / 300 baud modem waited til late hours to call/send msgs with another node of FidoNet because the cost of long distance calls dropped.  :)  This was before Al Gore got us the Internet of course.

Task Manager shows LR using up the biggest chunk of memory on the system unless I try to run Thunderbird at the same time and check the e-mail on my 38 accounts at the same time.  Just filtering Spam for all those accounts makes TBird both a mem/CPU cycle hog also.
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You have a fairly significant sized catalog. Try optimizing the catalog to see if it helps. Have you setup a lot of smart collections?