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Every launch has key features that are CLEARLY broken... but why? I want to distort an image - but it doesn’t work. It has worked for +20 versions - but not now. Hannah et al recommend... “Please go back to a previous version that is not broken, while we try to work out what to do”.Adobe CC is not a ‘freebie’ productIs it too much to ask that someone from QA tries ALL the menu options BEFORE we get the ‘amazing new release’
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Focus: Many people have posted issues relating to Adobe's attempts to implement some alt-tab functionality
Font: Absolutely broken on a recent major release - you could not increase/decrease sizes with keys - instead you had to assigns a value - apply it - and wait to see if it was correct
etc etc etc
Sorry Cristen, I'm sure you are a really helpful person, but my problem is the CHRONIC lack of proper testing before Adobe goes live with a 'Wow! Amazing! Coool new features version' that (a) feels like it adds very little, while (b) destroys some primary functionality of the programme that we use to make a living.
Whoever heads up testing for Adobe should be ashamed of themselves.
Hannah & Co have to fire-fight - and 'Suggest that users roll back a couple of generations' etc.
It's just poor quality control management.
Testing for new features is one thing...   But you need comprehensive regression testing... To make sure that your new fix/feature doesn't break previously working functions.
On a 'free' programme... OK
But when you are raking in MILLIONS per month?...    Adobe QA needs to step up its game.
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I totally agree with you Andrzej

I do compliment the Official Reps from in the PS family forum as they do try their hardest to help us.

I'm very annoyed that the latest upgrade PS 2019 has been a dismal failure which has caused some of us to lose valuable time and deadlines. 

So, in saying that, I agree with everything you say. It's like putting a car on the market and the car halts to a full stop because the engineers didn't run the full gamut of quality testing under all conditions. 

If those engineers were in my employ and the same issue affected my clients, then their employment would be terminated. I would make sure my clients were compensated for losses incurred.

Adobe needs to apologise at least. They have our email addresses.. it would be the right thing to do, seeing we pay heavily for a monthly subscription. Adobe engineers probably don't even read the comments in forum so they wouldn't have a clue how disruptive PS 2019 has been. 
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Be sure that some of them are reading this forum but not as many as needed. And I think whole Adobe has x-mas holiday right now so they will read it few days later in January.
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Hi Andrzej,

It's not too much to ask. Quality engineers test all of the menu items in Photoshop before each release. We have a database mapping out all areas of Photoshop with QE assigned to every area. That isn't to say that things aren't missed, but typically when we run into problems the issues are system-specific or workflow-specific. For instance, I am currently verifying a bug fix that was difficult to resolve because we weren't seeing the behavior in-house. Once we identified the reproducible environment for the behavior it was resolved. Many things come into play -- different GPUs, different OS, etc. 

What action are you referring to when you say that "distort" isn't working for you? Is your issue reported on another thread?