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Hello there,

Long time Photoshop user, mainly for design, concept art and illustration. I only discovered about the feedback and feature request page recently. I have been using the LazyNezumi third-party plugin for a long time, but the performance takes a bit hit and Photoshop almost becomes unusable after some time of use. As smoothing was added between then, I believe in 2018 I am wondering if intuitive rulers/guides are being taken under consideration.

Is it possible to consider ruler guides in an intuitive manner (like the ipad apps and lazynezumi?) as a built-in feature for Photoshop? Maybe as a feature set that could be expanded with time, by that, I mean gradually adding more along the updates, if all of them aren't possible to make right out of the gate.

The idea would be that the guide can be selected next to the new (not so new after all) symmetry drop-down menu, being able to transform or disable said guide just like the symmetry feature. However unlike the symmetry feature the guide would not be fixed to the canvas but would follow the cursor to help you out as intended.
This would greatly influence many of our workflows that depend on straight lines and curves, notably for perspective (potentially saving hours instead of making the grid manually), instead of relying on third-party software that severely hits performance or other apps to do the job which greatly reduces the creative flow.

Several examples of rulers/guides could be:
  • Parallel lines guide (a ruler tool, sort of, pick your angle)
  • Vanishing/Radial lines guide (lines that go to a vanishing point on canvas)
  • Perspective guide (2 VPs, 3 VPs, fisheye?)
  • Isometric guide (pick angles: 30 degrees etc)
  • Ellipse guide (set angle and rotation)
  • Spiral guide (pick rate of spin and spacing)
I would like to know if it is possible, and if so how difficult would it be to implement something similar to that idea (or akin to the symmetry tool). In my point of view (or as a concept artist), a feature like that would make photoshop the perfect tool for everything, since we already got the symmetry and smoothing features. I have included a collage of screenshots of how LazyNezumi looks, to make what I have been expressing easier to picture.

Best regards, you all are the best!
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Posted 5 months ago

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Guides could just be a path or shape that is defined as a guide. There would be a "Use path as guide" option per path or shape. This is how it works in Illustrator, why not Photoshop. Maybe consistency between apps would confuse people though.