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I'm using Lightroom 3.4.1 64-bit. I put all of my photos into one catalog which know has over 32000 images. In the last day or two, I've started to see a strange problem. When I click on certain directories or collections, the thumbnail displayed is not correct. In some cases, I've had the thumbnail repeated for all of the images in the directory. If I display the image in loupe mode, the correct image is sometimes displayed correctly (and the thumbnail is updated). I'm not sure why this has started happening. It is very annoying and it was very disturbing when I first started seeing it. I thought that the problem was that my catalog was too large, but I've seen reports of other people having catalogs that were 50000 to 10000 images. I've tried to restart Lightroom and to reoptimize the catalog. Neither of these things seems to help.
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Posted 7 years ago

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It sounds like your preview cache is corrupted Joy.

There's a way you can check that - close LR and rename the Previews.lrdata file. Then open LR again and let it start to build previews. If it works correctly, then when you're leaving the computer for some time (i.e. overnight), select all and go to Library menu > Previews > Render Standard Previews.

Once it's finished and you're happy that everything's working as it should, you can delete the old previews file that we previously renamed. We've only kept it just in case you had any missing files that the previews were the only version you had left, as that's happened a few times! If you're happy that you have originals of everything, you can delete it at an earlier stage.
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Thanks -- this seems to have fixed the problem
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Are you talking about the small image displayed in the Navigator at top left? There are a number of cases where the image displayed there seems surprising. Or are you talking about thumbnails in the grid or filmstrip?
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LR3 ver 3.5. Preview rendering done. Problem with thumbnails. When scrolling thumbnails on grid view LR do not update all thumbnails on to original photos but is showing another picture instead of the original one. The thumbnail needs to be clicked by mouse before it shows an original photo. The problem started to occur at the time when LR was updated on to ver 3.2/3.4.

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Lightroom: Thumbnails showing wrong pictures, need to click to update preview.
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Lightroom has started doing something strange since upgrading to 4.1.

As I scan through my library, thumbnails for photos will briefly be incorrect, and then correct themselves when clicked on. So, for instance, a photo of a building will briefly display as a photo of a flower and then, when clicked on, will revert back to being a building.

My first instinct was that the raw files had the same photo name (since my camera numbering system has looped back to zero several times over the years), but in fact the incorrect file that was displaying has a completely different name.

Any idea what would be causing this or how to fix it?

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Lightroom 4.1 mixing up thumbnails..