Lightroom Classic 8.1: Incomplete Import

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I have a major trouble with my Lightroom CC.
Since moving from my MacBook2012 Air to my new MacBookPro2018 I do have incomplete imports.
First, I thought this would be a problem of the "cheap" USB-C SD-Card reader. Now I switched to another one, but it keeps buggy.
I use a Fuji X-Pro2 with 64GB SD-Cards. All cards do only get formatted ans used within the Fuji (ExFat).
When I import all pictures from my SD-Cards, LR Classic somewhere stops and I do miss pictures!
Latest case:
Importierten pictures 956
SD-Card content (JPG+RAW)
../357_FUJI/   7944 - 7999 = 55 = 110 Pictures in JPG + RAW
../358_FUJI/   8001 - 8588 = 587 = 1174 Pictures in JPG + RAW
Total   642 * 2 (JPG und RAW) = 1284 Pictures
There are 328 Pictures missing!!!
So I copied the content of the SD-Card to my Desktop and re-Imported the pictures from this location.
Lightroom Import showed 1288 Pictures and imported 285 Pictures. (8446 - 8588)

MBP-oli:Test2 oli$ ls -l
total 33014144
-rwxrwxrwx  1 oli  staff  12869375  9 Dez 14:30 DSCF7944.JPG
-rwxrwxrwx  1 oli  staff  22034720  9 Dez 14:30 DSCF7944.RAF
I never had problems with my MacBookAir.
I'm getting very upset! I do pro bono portrait shooting of breast cancer women, missing pictures would be a mess! They need those pictures as memory for their family.
Please help!
Cheers, oli
Lightroom Classic-Version: 8.1 [ 1200465 ]
Lizenz: Creative Cloud
Spracheinstellung: de-DE
Betriebssystem: Mac OS 10
Version: 10.14.2 [18C54]
Anwendungsarchitektur: x64
Anzahl logischer Prozessoren: 8
Prozessorgeschwindigkeit: 2,7 GHz
Integrierter Speicher: 16.384,0 MB
Für Lightroom verfügbarer phys. Speicher: 16.384,0 MB
Von Lightroom verwendeter phys. Speicher: 6.167,3 MB (37,6%)
Von Lightroom verwendeter virtueller Speicher: 10.927,5 MB
Cache-Speichergröße: 2.781,6MB
Interne Camera Raw-Version: 11.1 [ 112 ]
Maximale Anzahl Threads, die Camera Raw verwendet: 5
Camera Raw SIMD-Optimierung: SSE2,AVX,AVX2
Virtueller Speicher in Camera Raw: 3356MB / 8191MB (40%)
Physischer Speicher in Camera Raw: 3502MB / 16384MB (21%)
Monitore/Anzeigegeräte: 1) 2880x1800
Informationen zum Grafikprozessor:
Metal: Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics 655
Anwendungsordner: /Applications/Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
Bibliothekspfad: /Lightroom/apographon/apographon-LR5-2-2.lrcat
Einstellungen-Ordner: /Users/oli/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom
Installierte Zusatzmodule:
1) Excire Search
2) Flickr
3) LR/Instagram
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It is not your MacBook.  You are running into the duty-cycle limitationso fo memory cards and Lightrooms' inability to compensate.  When you write your images to your drive and then import, the MacOS is able to perform the file verification and copying operations.

Always copy your images to a hard drive first.  The OS can ensure that no images are lost.  Then and only then allow Lightroom to import.
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A similar issue was reported a year ago at this post with no solution offered by Adobe.

For now the best solution for importing raw+JPEG is to use the OS file system to copy the memory card images to the destination folder(s) and then use 'Add inside LR to import them.

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Actually, this issue goes back a lot farther than a year ago, and Adobe has been consistent in not addressing it.  Not sure why they just simply state "import from HDD or SSD whenever possible and when using card readers double-check that all files have transferred."

Oh, that would be admitting they have a pretty serious and long-duration bug.
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When you import from a card, one has the option to handle the card as a "Device" (like an attached camera) or as "Files" system storage.

Try import from your card by selecting it in the "Files" storage mode, it is typically shown at the bottom of the left hand side of the import dialog. This should be equivalent to copying the files from the card to hard drive and import from there. Do you still experience missing files in this "Files" import mode?
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Your proposed solution hasn't ever worked for me, but I must admit I haven't tried it in years after being scared half to death by almost loosing images from a $42k expedition to Antarctica.

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Development Team does NOT have my trust.