In LR 8.4.1, running on Windows 7 Pro, in the Book Module I cannot use the 1:1 or 4:1 views of any cover des

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Designing a book; especially for text I find the 1:1 and 4:1 views in LR very useful. These views work fine for book pages, but will only zoom in on the spine on a few different cover templates I've tried. I can work around starting text in too-large font to edit, then reducing to desired size, or even creating in MS Word then cutting and pasting, but gee whiz. Ideas? Am I the only one who thinks the zoom capability should work equally well on cover designs as on page designs? Any help appreciated.  -- Allan
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Allan Ackerman

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Posted 6 months ago

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Hi Allan, I don't have any problem viewing my whole cover at 4:1, so it sounds like there is a bug affecting you. Just to be clear, when you go to 4:1 on your cover design, do you not have scroll bars on the right and bottom of the previewed page? Also, do you see the little square in the Navigator panel that indicates what portion of the cover you're viewing, and can you not drag that?
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It could be a Mac/Windows difference.
(Windows) I cannot move the little square Left or Right, and no scroll bar appears at the bottom of the page preview. I can only scroll the magnified box up/down the spine.
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Yes, exactly my problem. 
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It works fine for me on Mac so it must be a Windows issue.
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I can confirm the issue is present on my Windows 10 version 1903 system using LR 8.4.1. There is no horizontal scrollbar or ability to move the Preview selection box left or right.
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FYI in your FB help group you just recommended I change one (or more, unclear) setting preferences. This didn't make much sense; see my reply there.

To answer your questions above, when I go to 4:1 (or even 1:1 for that matter) on my cover design, I get a vertical scroll bar, but not a horizontal (bottom) scroll bar. This is consistent with limiting my 1:1 and 4:1 view to the spine. I have watched your video on this and have also tried dragging the little square in the Navigator panel. It will drag, but consistent with there only being a vertical scroll bar, it will only drag the rectangle vertically. I have tried your other zooming tips, e.g. Ctrl-+. Same result.

You are the first person, including Adobe chat and phone support, who says the 1:1 and 4:1 feature works for them on cover designs. Adobe phone support actually wanted me to re-install a much earlier version of LR. No thanks.

I got a workaround on another forum suggesting creating and editing the text larger than needed or separately in MS Word, then resizing/pasting. I am doing this workaround for the moment, but your saying the features work for you give me hope. Sigh.

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