Lightroom 4: Improve zoom control interface in toolbar

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Lightroom 4's new abiility to zoom the view down to the smaller 1:8 and 1:16 sizes is very, very welcome.

This allows us to see how a big file will look when reduced to, say, a quarter-page size on a client's website -- and is incredibly useful. Thank you, Adobe!

But the zoom control is still an illogical mess.

It should move linearly, from small image size to large as you move the slider from left to right, much as a zoom lens zooms linearly from wide ange to telephoto.

The shoehorning of a "fit to screen" mode and "fill screen" mode into the slider control throws a monkey wrench into the linear logic and easy positioning of the slider -- and there's no good reason for it.

There's plenty of room next to the slider to put those useful "fit" and fill" functions into separate buttons:

Put the "fit" button just to the left of zoom slider.

Similarly, put "fill" button just to the right of the slider.

This way the "fit too screen" and "fill screen" functions would be much easier and faster to access!

And they would no longer block the smooth, linear zooming of the zoom control.
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Posted 7 years ago

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I would second that. I find the stepped zoom slow to use. The linear fluid zoom in CS6 activated by a keyboard shortcut is the obvious way to go. Please consider it in a future edition of Lightroom.
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I don't think I'd like it even if it were that way.

I want continuous zoom, not steps. I hate those huge jumps and the inability to put the slider between them.
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Oh...I'd also like a third checkbox/window - print size. I'd like it to autoscale the image to a physical size I specify (say, 10" on the long edge) with knowledge of the screen size or screen ppi.