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Why can't LR:

- use PageUp/PageDown keys to move from one image to the next
- allow drag/drop of jpg images to other programs
- offer to delete files just imported from the SD card

These are all in PSE which I've just moved from ...

In general, by comparison with PSE I find LR very powerful yet with a worse UI ...
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Posted 7 years ago

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PageUp/PageDown are used in Loupe mode to walk the entire image when in larger than "fit" mode (this is a really awesome use of the page keys). I assume you mean when in grid mode?

[Actually, I just tested this with 4.x on Windows. Both Library grid and fit loupe mode use page up/down to move to the next image in the Library collection. If you are in a loupe mode where the entire image no longer fits, page up/down behaves like I mention above.]

Drag/Drop is not a meaningful gesture in Lr. Drag and drop of /what/, exactly. The original? The original with Lightroom changes? A specific sort of rendition? And is it a file DnD, or are we dropping ACR objects around? At the very least there would have to be a way to define with DnD meant /to you/, and this might be different depending on the source file type (at the very least) and the destination app.

Think about what the export dialogue or (more likely) Edit In... gestures do. This would have to be duplicated in the Drag and Drop gesture, at least in some minimal manner.

Lightroom does not touch your originals, and will never unlink images from media. This is completely by design, and is much argued over elsewhere. Do yourself a favour and live with it, and always reformat your media in-camera, as intended by the media and camera manufacturers. SD cards are not floppies. There are all sorts of ways that the camera coordinates with the media circuitry to map bad blocks and spread load over the entire space over time.

By not unlinking files from media, Adobe stays out of the "OMG Adobe just deleted my images" sweepstakes. Simpler is always better, and the reasons for having an auto-delete of any sort are merely conveniences. Conveniences that will learn to bite you in the proverbial. Smart photogs never delete a thing until the next Lr catalogue backup, and full filesystem backup (or two). Then format the media.

Anything else will eventually lead to tears. This is the voice of long experience talking.
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PgUp/PgDn: yes, it seems to behave as you say in Loupe mode (as you say, nice). In grid mode I've been experimenting and, for me, either nothing happens at all or it randomly jumps to one of a subset of the displayed images (never the next one!) then on to another of the subset then back again. Some setting different, or a bug maybe?

Drag/Drop: I'd hoped that by saying ' drag/drop of jpg images' I had implicitly indicated that I didn't want to use the original in any way, just drag/drop what is on screen (and if that is a tiff or a raw, convert to jpeg first). Or, if you like, have another export preset which specifies how drag/drop should be handled. I can't see any problem with that and it would help a lot of people in practice ...