Improve Bridge "Batch Rename" by expanding Preview from only one file to multiple files. Work-around: allow "Preview of Next File"

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I'm been mostly happy with the Batch-Rename capability of Bridge. However, it would be more helpful if it could show the rename Preview for more that one file.

When I'm doing a non-trivial "String Substitution", it often takes more than one file to really see what is going on. The work-around is to go in and out of "Batch Rename" with a different First file.

For example, suppose I have a series of images that vary in shutter speed. I don't want to have spaces or extra dot's in the final file name:
Original filename:
_MG_1001.cr2 (1/4 sec)
_MG_1002.cr2 (1.0 sec)
_MG_1003.cr2 (4.0 sec)

When I make a Preset for Metadata: Exposure Time, the results are:
_MG_1001_Speed_1_4 s.cr2 (extra space)
_MG_1002_Speed_1.0 s.cr2 (extra dot and space)
_MG_1003_Speec_4.0 s.cr2 (extra dot and space)

After some trial and error, I was able to work out a pair of "String Substitutions" that remove the extra dot and "space s":
String Sub: Intermediate .0 s ---> blank
String Sub: Intermediate blank s --> blank

This would have gone more quickly if I could have seen the Preview for more than just the first file in the Batch-Rename. A great improvement would be a Preview of all files. A helpful work-around would be the capability to go to the Next file in the Batch to see a Preview for it. As it works now, I have to Cancel out of Batch-Rename, deselect the first file, and go back in to Batch-Rename.
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