Lightroom mobile: Is it possible to import raw files directly into LR mobile?

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I am importing RAW files directly from my EOS-1Dc to iPhone / iPad via the camera USB cable and an Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter. The same adapter also allows me to use a standard Lexar USB CF card reader from importing from cards, when power is added to the USB 3 Camera Adapter via a Lightning cable. This does not alow me to import images from a portable HD. At this moment, I am bringing the RAWs into the iOS camera roll, then into LR Mobile.  

I understand, perhaps incorrectly, that it may be possible to bring the images direct to LR mobile? Does anyone know more?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
iOS version has to go via the camera roll, unless you're shooting with the camera built into the LR mobile app.
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Thanks Victoria - I was trying to workaround, but suspect there are iOS limitations? I've been tethering to laptops for 20 years - the chance to try and go direct to phone / iPad is irresistible!
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I am using a Canon EOS 5D Mark iii and an EyeFi Mobi Pro 32 SD card to import RAW images into my iPad Pro (with 256GB storage).  Unfortunately EyeFi was purchased by Keenai and I assume they have a strategic objective to compete with LRM.  Keenai allows the import of RAW into the iPad but not into the Camera Roll but into their Keenai app.  They allow downloading into the Camera Roll but only JPEGS which can be imported to LRM.  The RAW images are uploaded to the Keeai cloud and you can view them but I have found no way to down load them to a folder or any other path to LRM.  They do allow you to ZIP them and download but unfortunately you wind up with JPEGS.

 I have been very successful at shooting RAW with my EyeFi card and then putting the EyeFi card into an SD card reader which is available from Apple.  You can import the RAW images into LRM, post process them. and sync to a remote Laptop/Desktop running Lightroom.  If you set up a collection for the images on the iPad for the images, they sync to that collection on the Laptop/Desktop as RAW images with the post processed changes.  You can then drag and drop the images to a folder from the collection.

Adobe needs very badly to find a workflow that allows professional photographers to shoot RAW to an iPad and automatically bring them into LRM.  If you can find a way to do that you will have a lot of customers.  LRM is rapidly becoming a very useful workflow.
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Kent, I think it is very clear we are on the same page: LRM is becoming extremely useful and the sooner it can be used with an iPad / iPhone to replace a laptop for tethered or wireless captured shooting, the better life  will be. Ideally conversion to .DNG would be optimal too, but that I think is a way off.

The thing I want to get a handle on with the current state of development, is whether limitations to RAW ingest are from Adobe or Apple's iOS. My suspicion, especially after Victoria's comment, is the latter and it is perhaps a case of lobbying Apple (and they do listen) for  a fix or further development of iOS.
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I don't think it is Apple.  I did a presentation of Lightroom Mobile today with a practical session and saw a Photographer tether his Nikon camera to his iPad using an app called QDSLR Dashboard directly into LRM with RAW files and synced back to his Laptop.  I have no experience with this app, but am interested in looking at it.  It may not work with my Canon EOS 5D Mark III.
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Very helpful Kent; thanks for the heads-up. The key point of interest, as you say,  is the direct import of RAW.

So the  QDSLR product page is a little hazy, with irregular updates. Wireless support seems good, but not so obvious how good tethered Canon capture is. I may just take a punt on it. 
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I have an Olympus om1 mk 2. I transfer photos into my camera roll but I can't see them. However I can still import them into LRMobile. It's just I can't edit the crap out before hand which is annoying.
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when LR Mobile will be able to import RAW files from an external USB/WIFI device like My Passport Wireless Pro ?

This feature should allow to import many RAW pictures at a time.  Allow us to select RAW pictures from a directory/ sub directory of an external device.  This feature is a must for many of us.  Adobe cloud sync is not practical when you are in the jungle in Africa or near by a glacier in Iceland..... and having to import from the camera role is not practical when you consider the limited space you can have on a iPhone and or iPad.


PS  Suggestion:  Why don't you team up with Western Digital, the manufacturer of the "My Passport Wireless Pro" ?  Both companies would greatly benefit from it and LR Mobile and "My Passport Wireless Pro" users too !

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Guys this is a great feature request and discussion.
I’m agreeing with everything mentioned .
It’s also nice to see thought out workflow requests / issues from proper photographers.

Adobe you need to listen to them , as Kent and NWB says -Adobe needs to make a way to import directly
And Tether to camera , this would have the whole industry using it ... its that massive .

Now OT question to Kent and NWB if you are around... how do you back up your shoots from LRM / CC to your archive drives , and keep all the adjustment settings , and be able to reimport / re edit if you need to revisit the job.?
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To clarify:

1. If you use the camera connector kit, the images MUST go through the Apple camera roll.

2. If you use another system, for example the Cascable app or a Gnarbox, you can enable an extension that runs inside of the iOS Files app whereby you can browse connected devices and import a raw photo (only one at a time, due to a limitation within the way that the iOS Files app was implemented) directly into Lr Mobile.

These are the only options available at the moment.
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Actually, one possible path is to use an app like ShutterSnitch which (among other things) is an FTP server running on your iOS device that can receive RAW photos sent by most cameras through FTP. The most convenient way of doing so is to enable "connection sharing" on your iOS device and let the camera connect to the device via WiFi using its IP address "". 

Once your RAW photos are imported into ShutterSnitch, you can then use the app's "share" button to directly import a photo into LrMobile without going through the camera roll.

It's quite convient and works great, with two caveats though:

1) You will end-up having your photos stored twice on your device at some point, before deleting them from ShutterSnitch, which can quickly become a problem with large RAW files.

2) There's apparently a bug/limitation in the share extension of LrMobile which can only copy RAW files from third-party apps to LrMobile one at a time. If you select multiple photos, only one is actually imported into LrMobile. This is both a really stupid LrMobile limitation/bug and a major showstopper for the above workflow.

So my requests to improve the (otherwise fabulous) LrMobile app would be :

1) please fix the bug/limitation in the "Copy to Lightroom CC" share extension of LrMobile to allow for multiple photos to be imported at once

2) even better, add a "Receive by FTP" option to the "Add photos" menu of LrMobile to bypass ShuterSnitch completely and avoid duplicating photos on your iOS device

3) and while you're at it, just buy ShutterSnitch to implement even more flexible import workflows without having to rely on Apple's very slow camera adapter or iOS camera roll