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Initially Reported LR4 beta forum 16-Feb-2012 07:57 and followed corrupted memory cards.
Problem relates to 'Make a Second Copy To:' flag and associated folder path.
Corresponding to XML tags in the preset, doCopyToBackupFolder and backupDownloadFolder.
The import sw logic appears to check the folder path and if this does NOT point to an extant folder it does not load the state of the flag. Thus if the flag happens to be set before the preset is selected it results in images being erronously copied to whatever path is shown, in my case this was a path to my memory card and resulted in the path being created, and images being copied until the card became full.
I use Win7 64bit and latest LR4.1.
To reproduce:
1 Create a preset to 'Copy' images from USB data card to hard disk and rename image file preserving camera generated file number e.g. img_1234.cr2 to c71_1234. Ensure the doCopyToBackupFolder = false and backupDownloadFolder does not show a valid path. Edit the preset manually if necessary.
Name this preset C7_nobackup.
2 Create a second preset as above that also makes a second copy of images to a second disk.
That is with 'Make a Second Copy To:' selected. Name this preset C7_backup.

Restart Lightroom and open the import dialog.
Then select the C7_backup preset.
Then select the C7_nobackup preset
You should find that the option 'Make a Second Copy To' remains selected, though the path may be removed and replaced with the Lightroom generated default path.
In other words one of the Import options has not been loaded from the preset.
I would expect all available options to be saved as set when the preset is created and reloaded exactly as set when that preset is used again. I have not checked whether any other options are not saved and loaded, that is Adobe's job.

This has recently been discussed in the normal Lightroom folder and reproduced by other members.
Lightroom discussion name was "Did I waste my time reporting bugs?" userid gp7024.
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