Lightroom: Import: Second Copy Folders difficult to create

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(1) It always takes me a while to navigate to the right folder when choosing the destination of my files. I wish there were a way to make this easier.

(2) Second Copy always creates an extra folder called "Imported on Saturday, April 16, 2011". This forces me to navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer to delete it. I would rather than have to do this.

(3) Creating the folder for the second copy is somewhat confusing. I often end up with a folder called "New Folder". Why not do it the same way as the First Copy (i.e. a Checkbox)
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Personally, I'd like to see 2nd copy / backup be handled via folder-sync (so backup structure tracks 1st copy). There was a suggestion recently for 2nd copy to be made in same folder as import directory, to facilitate instant manual restoral (an import mirror in other words - different root folder), but that has the severe limitation that changes to 1st copy structure will not be reflected in 2nd / backup - only suitable for those who *never* rename folders and files and move stuff around after importing.

--- stuff about plugins and me: do not read if you're tired of this sort of thing
I made a change to tree-sync recently to do this (export/backup originals to backup tree), however I don't personally use it this way, and I never heard back from the individual who asked for the change to be made, so I don't know if he/she is using it happily or quit using it altogether... (since my import procedure involves a plugin that supports backup & restoral without 2nd copy being in a tree). Note, the tree-sync backup of originals would exclude xmp and virtuals unfortunately (but then so does Lightroom's 2nd copy).

To try and keep this short, I support the idea but already have a workaround.

PS - In my opinion, Lightroom's 2nd copy support leaves something to be desired - mostly suitable for manual restoral of recently imported files - for long haul archiving/backup *& restoral* - not so much.
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I've learned to never change folders. I have a concrete system of folder naming that can grow as the collection grows. I think it would be a tall order to expect LR to manage two sets of folders, and not needed if you set up the folders correctly on the first go.

This is why it's important for the the two sets of folders and file names to be the same at the beginning, and for the file names to be unique. I've never had a problem with LR finding files, because they always are unique. If I ever have a problem with folder 1, would need convert folder 2 to dng via DNG converter and LR would never know what happened (except of course there would be a metadata mismatch). [I do hope that DNG converter can deal with folder structures though.]

But the import screen does not make this easy.

(1) You have to choose folder 1 and folder 2 independently.
(2) The methonds for navigating to folder 1 and folder 2 are not identical.
(3) Even if you don't tell it to, it puts photos in folder 2 in a subfolder.
(4) Sometimes when I start a new session it forgets my choices from the previous session and I have to start over.
(5) If you choose to convert to DNG, the second copy doesn't get renamed.
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I just installed Nikon View NX2, and Nikon Transfer 2 was installed at the same time so I decided to check it out.

Nikon software is not known for their interface design, but I think they got this one right, and I wish Lightroom would adopt some of these tricks:

(1) Primary Destination is easy to choose; folder structure is neatly hidden until needed;
(2) Subfolder with date is easy to create;
(3) Backup Destination has a brilliant option called: "Use same settings as Primary Destination" which I think makes sure that the subfolder is the same.

Simple, and does the trick. Clunky as Nikon Sotware is in general, I'm leaning towards using it in place of Lightroom's import Window, unless I discover something terrible in my testing.
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"Use same settings as Primary Destination" should include the file renaming upon import that is done for primary. As well as the option to have the secondary destination populated with DNGs as well, i.o. the proprietary raw format.
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Photographe, it would be to your advantage to avoid creating multiple threads on the same topic. You're just watering down your own requests.

Please see replies on your other thread: