Lightroom: Import photos into subfolders by type

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I like to organize my jpg and raw photos into separate folders. So when importing photos from my camera card into Lightroom, it would be very useful if, after choosing the folder to import into, for example, "trip to the coast", that Lightroom would create two subfolders within that folder: a "jpg" folder for all the jpg files, and a "raw" folder for all the raw files.

The way I have to do it now is to import all the photos into a folder with Lightroom, so all of the photos have the proper metadata and keywords, and so the raw files can be converted to dng. Then I need to remove all those new photos from Lightroom, then in a file manager program I create the jpg and raw (or dng) subfolders, drag the photos into their respective folders, and then add the photos back into Lightroom.

It would be so much easier if Lightroom had the option to automatically organize the photos into subfolders by type, as I outlined above. This would simply be a variation on the already-existing option to organize your imported photos into subfolders by date. Thanks for considering my request ... I'm sure there are other users who would appreciate this feature also.
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Consider using collections instead to divide raws & jpegs - it may make your photography life simpler.

Also, consider a lib-filter with a File Type column, so you can view jpegs or raws from a folder, or both, depending on whatever...

Different organizational strokes for different folks I suppose, but there is something to be said for going with the grain, not swimming upstream...

Question: Do you like this organizational structure in order to work the way you want *in* Lightroom, or is it something you do to facilitate work *outside* Lightroom?
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When shooting video clips alongside still images, it would be great to have some options in the import dialog to separate them into separate folders or create a sub-folder.

For example, if I'm downloading my shoot into a folder called:


then it would be great to be able to create either:



20121106_election AND

(In general, I'd like to be able to have more sophisticated folder naming.. the "By date" options are nice but not powerful enough...)

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Lightroom imports: separate video files automatically.
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I'm all for supporting people's druthers, regardless of whether I share them.

But in this case, it might help your case to explain "why". I mean, Lr has a lib filter, so you can select photos, or videos, or both, or certain photos, or certain videos...

In other words, I think if you don't acknowledge the current way to "separate" file types, and the reasons why you still want to separate your way (into physical subfolders), this feature request may not get much traction.

Put another way, what's wrong with this for isolating the kind of photo/video you want to see and work with..