LIGHTROOM 6.2.1 - Import process hangs with Smartphone connected via USB

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Lightroom 6.2.1 stops responding during import whenever I connect my LG G4 smartphone via USB.

I suspect Lightroom is trying to catalog both my 32GB internal memory and 128GB external, microSD card for images, over the sluggish MTP interface. If I disconnect the USB cable, the program starts responding almost immediately. I don't know if it ever returns to a responding state if I leave it--I haven't left it for more than 10 minutes in that state.

Even under the 6.0 import mechanism, importing from an MTP/PTP device (which would be any Android phone of 4.x or greater) was problematic. I'd love to see that addressed in future versions of the importer, as I do use Lightroom to process the DNG images my LG creates, as well as cataloging regular jpeg photos from it.

Specifically, it'd be very useful if you could select a sub-folder of an MTP device (which is not a drive letter) much like selecting a subfolder of a drive letter, rather than having to select the entire phone. When I select the whole phone, Lightroom imports all the image files it finds--there are a lot of files on my Android that are images and yet not my actual photos (e.g. album art, thumbnails of photos used by some apps, etc.). To work around this, even in the old import interface, I had to manually copy the /external_SD/DCIM/Camera/ sub-folder to a temporary location on my OS disk, and then select that temporary folder from my OS drive as the import location, and then after the import, delete that folder. Three steps, but vastly less painful than culling a zillion album art images and thumbnails out of my Lightroom catalog after each import.

If I connect my device in PTP mode instead of MTP, it's a little better--that excludes album art, but I still get any thumbnails created in the /DCIM/ folder tree by Android gallery/image viewers. The major drawback to PTP is that it does not allow access to the external SD card, which is where it makes sense to store images on a camera that generates 20MB DNG files--internal memory fills up quite quickly otherwise, limiting the usefulness of the phone as a camera.

I am aware of the pending rollback of the 6.2 import, but I wanted to mention both issues in case the revamped import will be an alternative option in future versions, and for the improvement of the "classic" import. I know that currently I'm a bit unusual--not too many smartphone users can shoot in RAW, let alone do, but I hope/suspect that will become more common in the future.

Thank you!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Which OS version are you using?
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My bad; I've been in IT long enough to know better!
I'm on Win7 x64. I can test it on Win 10 if that will help.
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The same happens to Lightroom CC 2015.2.1
Having Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0 connected through USB makes Lightroom unresponsive whenever trying to import anything.
Disconnecting phone returns Lightroom to working state and you can continue with the import.

Running on Windows 10 Pro .