Lightroom Classic: Import is slow after updating

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Importing in LIghtroom is  Painfully slow in Classic.  After I upgraded to Classic I am seeing importing going from 2-3 minutes to 10-20 minutes.

Sometimes it takes 5 minutes for anything to start importing. 

This is now not a professional option with this decrease in importing speed.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Official Response
Engineering is working on a fix for slow import.

If you need to rollback, instructions are here:
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Yeah, I've seen a 7 million. I haven't tried importing into it though.

> Does this guy know when to stop?
Historically, no. He's a very knowledgeable guy and my go-to for color management, but knowing when to give up has never been his strongest point.
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I've seen larger image databases in the medical imaging industry, but none were using LR; not even sure if LR can import DICOM images which is what that industry has standardized on.  In any event, the underlying database was always a full relational DB such as MS SQL, Oracle, or DB2.  Part of the performance issue has to be centered around Adobes' use of SQLlite.

However, this still does not explain the serious performance degradation with LR 7.  My catalog has only grown by about 20k images since moving over to LR7, but the slow import process has been present from Day One.

It is not consistent.  Some imports go so fast its like the good old days; most are very slow.  I tried with another catalog which had about 20 images in it.  The catalog came from one of the LR guru books.  Importing (after the catalog was converted to the LR7 format) was still slow.  And the dng ghosting could not be replicated, but then again, it hasn't manifested itself in my main catalog either.

LR is also a memory hog, even while idle.  Overnight or during the day it will gobble up 75GB of RAM.  Frankly, I've never seen ANY program on my MacPro (and I've got the DxO suite, the FranzisPhoto suite, and others) use that much memory!  Not even Photoshop.

What's going on here, do you think?
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I wish I knew David. 
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Well, if you're befuddled then we're all in the soup, aren't we?  LOL

Earlier I started up LR6 and loaded the original catalog (which I kept).  I'm importing a folder from a 20TB G-Tech Thunderbolt-connected drive which has 989 images, Sony .arw raw files and matching jpegs.  The raws are from the a7RIII and they're huge, around 65MB each.

The folder is a copy which LR7 has not seen.  The import started 20 minutes ago and...well, it just finished importing as I type and 1:1 previews are now being built.

Same hardware, same OS, same everything except the version of LR.  Based on the progress bar, I'm estimating that LR6 is at least 300% faster than LR7 for the very same import.

And let's bear in mind that the LR6 version of the catalog is 37GB, versus 26-ish for the LR7 one.

As Bugs Bunny oft times said: "It just don't add up!"
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Everything slowed down with LR 7, and I'm not the only one with this observation—this forum is filled with this complaint.

Just to pile on here, I have this problem as well and have been following this thread for months (maybe right after it started). My catalog is ~15,000 DNGs, so nowhere near the volume mentioned here, and when I import a shot (usually ~50 - 100 images), I have to click "import" and then go do something else for about 20 minutes while my computer churns through the process.

I'm anxiously awaiting resolution.
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This has been a problem for several month and Adobe hasn't come up with a fix yet?  They develop the problem, aren't they smart enough to fix their own mistake?  This is BS.  I've been waiting over an hour to unplug my iPhone so I can continue with my daily activities, but I've now got to wait on LR to finish it's imports.  Never had this problem before recent update.  Thanks a lot Adobe!