Lightroom CC: Ability to Drag and drop files from the OS to import

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Please add the ability to drag and drop files from the desktop to import them into Lightroom CC. Sometimes I start by looking at files in my file browser and have to go back through Lightroom to find them, which is very inconvenient.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I was really surprised (not in a good way) I can not import files by drag and drop in Windows. A carefully selected only several photos inside a folder with hundreds of photos and the realised drag and drop does not work. Had to use import button, navigate all the way and select one by one photo again :( Not very friendly.
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Yeah, that one's bugging me too, so you've got my vote.
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Yes, good.
I mean drag and drop for export too...
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Also, add drag and drop on iOS, please. Most other, much smaller apps support it.
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Just about to submit that bug. Working in Photo Mechanic and dragging the picks into Lightroom is my standard workflow, so when this stopped working in Classic it's a real pain. 
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Denise Jones

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I am trying to process photos and I can't drop and drag them. Seriously LR should be able to do this!!!!
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Same here for me It's very annoying !
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Very basic stuff, please add it asap.
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Justin Wells

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This gets my vote please add some urgency to getting this added..
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It's astounding that this doesn't work already. Even web apps allow drag and drop from Windows Explorer. 

I'd also add that I would like the ability to drag selected photos from Lightroom Classic to an album in Lightroom CC. 
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It is really hard to understand why such basics feature are not implemented. I vote for it, but as far I can see, nothing happen for 10 months. Either Adobe thinks it costs too much to develop something totally start from scratch. Or Adobe things there is only 10 people which want this feature. 
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I agree... the whole Lightroom CC/Lightroom Classic CC debacle seems like it was initiated by people who don't use the software and have no idea what working photographers and human beings want. Adobe certainly has the money to fix this. I just hope they have it on their roadmap to add this basic functionality.
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Here is a reason why this is necessary.  I have tons (over 60,000) images (DNG) cataloged in Adobe Bridge CC using labels.  Right now here is what I have to do to import my images in Lightroom CC.  Click the + in Lightroom CC, select the folder with say 1,000 images (common in my case and I only want 50 images imported out of the 1,000), click import and wait (please do not suggest I go through and single click the 50 I want, that is why a long time ago and labeled them).  Then I need to filter out the 950 I don’t want using labels (oops Lightroom CC does not support labels so use an approximation using rating ARGGG) and then delete them (making sure I click the right options on the dialog that shows up) and then Wait....  This is error prone.  If I could select the ones I want in Bridge using labels (as opposed to the ones I don’t want using an approximation) and drag and drop this would work like humans work and would be quick.  End of story.

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Using old Lightroom just because of this 
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This is so annoying. Lightroom make Drag and Drop function. grrr