Image Processor Still an Underachiever in Photoshop CC

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The Image Processor in my opinion should have all the capabilities available elsewhere in the CC application set.  Please correct me if I'm missing something, but: 
  1. It does not allow modification of the aspect ratio of an image from the original.  This is functionality that existed in all versions Photoshop Elements that I know of, yet was never made available to Photoshop. If it's necessary enough for CTRL-ALT-I, it should be in there.
  2. It does not allow specification of dimensions in units/resolution...only pixels. My customers buy products by the foot and inch., not pixels.
  3. Despite the many settings it contains, there is no implementation of Saved Presets like the latest Camera Raw or Save for Web utility.
  4. The Resize area misleadingly shows a value for width or height that will not be reality, depending on which dimension it uses as the reference for a resize.  Camera Raw is also guilty of this at the moment.  How about implementing the very intuitive 'Lock Aspect Ratio' button in the Image Resize? Adobe should NEVER show a fictitious value in any field of any application.  It's challenging enough to get things right as it is.

All of these suggestions for the Image Processor are nicely implemented in Photoshop itself, and some in the new Camera Raw. Lightroom has always had this capability.  Is the Image Processor maintained by a third party company, thus making its evolution difficult or impossible. Nothing has changed in many years.  I know all about using Actions and their capabilities, but they should not be necessary for basic file saving tasks.  If the image processor employed all of the features that are present elsewhere in the CC family of products we would have a complete, effective, and time-saving tool.

Related suggestions:
  • If only one Image Processor conversion type at a time is invoked (i.e. .jpg) why not eliminate the extra 'jpeg' folder.  The app has already given us the ability to specify where the files go.  I personally have dozens of places I export files to, and that is a lot of unnecessary extra digging to access them. They all have different extensions anyway.
  • Now that the export panel is gone from Bridge and we may be invoking Photoshop (Batch and Image Processor) more often, how about a couple of keyboard shortcuts to access these common actions.
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Yes, Image Processor is in need of an update and has been for years and years. Personally, i think Export As and IP should be merged and then massively expanded.