Seeing a lot of problems on my machine in Illustrator and Photoshop CS6

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Now that I've been working with the suite for a week or so, it's a lot worse. This is easily the buggiest Adobe update I've seen in my 20 years. I work on Macs at work and PCs at home and it's buggy everywhere.

Photoshop has a bug where after using layer effects for awhile, it suddenly launches my browser and launches like 50 tabs all trying to display the Adobe Help document. Then Photoshop crashes. This is happening on the Mac.

Also on the Mac, for both Illustrator and Photoshop, when you resize palettes, the palettes respond in slow motion. I grab the bottom edge of a palette and drag down and slowly the palette follows the cursor. This is not happening on Windows 7.

In Illustrator the text cursor sometimes just isn't there. If I zoom in it reappears, then zoom once and it vanishes.

Illustrator has a bug where if I perform an action such as pathfinder combine, it works fine, but if I assign it to an action, it deselects the art after performing the action. The same for other pathfinder actions. These all worked fine for a decade+.

Also, Illustrator crashes immediately upon importing my actions from CS5. I had to rebuild all my actions.

Also in Illustrator, when you delete a color group from the swatches palette, it deletes colors that are actually in use in the document. Before it would remove the group, but colors in use would remain in the palette.

Ungroup color group does not fuction as an action at all. It just doesn't work.

Photoshop won't print to a size 13 x 18.5. I have to take that document into Illustrator just to print it. No problem with that in CS5 and earlier.

The new print dialog is harder to look at than the previous and requires scrolling. Same in Illustrator.

All palettes in Illustrator have become bigger which means that my normal palette setup along the right hand side is not longer possible. I had to remove one of my palettes. Why did Adobe think that the palettes needed to all be bigger while displaying no additional information? The "color" palette is the worst offender.

I haven't found any manner of performance gains in week of working with Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 at work and at home on both Mac and PC. It's just aggravatingly slow. My PC is a very powerful machine with SSD main drive. It's screaming fast, but not with CS6.

Why can't we have powerful support for key commands? Why can't I build a toolbar of tools that I actually use? This is the kind of flexibility I have in programs that I use which cost $89.00! And full touch support too. I can use those cheapo programs on my touch PC, but not Illustrator and Photoshop.

Touch support which worked well in Photoshop CS5 and earlier is thoroughly broken in CS6 Photoshop. Touch the screen with 2 fingers and pan and the document flings itself somewhere off the bottom right of the screen.

Illustrator never had touch support. Now, it doesn't even respond to the touch pad on my tablet PC let alone the screen. I can't pan via spacebar/touch pad as before. It doesn't work. Neither does it work in Photoshop. This CS6 release is nearly in a league with Corel products in terms of extreme lack of quality and reliability. Adobe really needs to take a step back and figure out what's going wrong with the way they're doing things.
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Hi Lastone,

We're interested in getting to the bottom of your Photoshop issues.

First: Illustrator issues are not monitored here, so please send your Illustrator issues to the Illustrator team here:

Second, this site works better if there's a topic per issue.

If you can break out your Photoshop issues to individual topics we can help narrow things down.
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I agree with all the points lastone makes. Please don't play stupid and say he has to break each one down. sounds like you are stalling. Also, forward this to the correct illustrator dept. I'm sure that can't be too much trouble for you. sheezzz.