Elements Organizer: Provide a way to cancel a search

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I have about 48K items in my catalog.
FIND (Tag=A) gets me 7066
FIND (FolderName contains B) gets me 6778 (all of which should be in the set above)
FIND (Tag=A AND FolderName contains B) gets me 6788 (pretty quickly)
So I want to know the Folder Names with A that do not contain B.

Therefore, I try:
FIND (Tag=A AND FolderName does-not-contain B)
This has been 'spinning' for well over an hour now.
Note that FIND (FolderName does-not-contain B) runs quite quickly.

SO - I'm tired of waiting, I have an idea for an approach that won't take forever, so I want to CANCEL this operation.  But I don't see how.  Other than killing the program.  And I HATE purposefully killing a program that uses a database. 

SO - any chance of implementing some interrupt feature that would let me (the program) get out gracefully?
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Posted 1 year ago

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There are different situations when the organizer may be busy and unresponsive. Yes, it would be very important to be able to 'cancel' or 'abort' without closing the organizer frorm the task manager.

A few years ago, I have posted exactly the same question about the type of search by details you are giving as an example. I can't find this discussion now, but to summarize, one member of the Elements staff answered, practically acknowledging the inefficiency of such a 'search by details' involving a criteria based on folder name plus another one. He suggested to try the text search ( through the magnifying glass icon).  Generally, the text search has become extremely fast to combine various criteria, but in this case, this visual query builder does not help much. I have found that:
- your example is an exception in the way the 'search by detail' works. Practically all other combinations are very responsive.
- The recent option to search by folders works fine if used alone.
- If you combine it with another criteria as you suggest, the search will fail.
- It's really much, much faster to run a search for the folder criteria, add a temporary keyword and start a new search based on the keyword mixed with other criteria. That's my current workaround.

To follow your recent post about improving the search by folders, I think it would be better to remove the search by folders option in the 'search by detail' menu, and to introduce a new option for searching by folders only (not combined with other criteria) at the same level than 'search by detail'. That would enable offering the option you are wanting to search by folders including their subfolders.

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Using a temporary keyword was the alternative I decided on after the search had run over an hour.  I'm going to post a related question about a specific problem in hopes of getting solutions from others.  I look forward to your comments.