Photoshop Elements: No Clear Emboss Effect in Elements 9.0

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SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have been using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 for YEARS and it did everything I needed. 8 YEAR OLD computer very outdated so...Got a new computer running Windows 7 and bought the download for Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. So excited to upgrade to new latest software........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF!!!!!!!!! The EFFECTS section is so small and ugly and dark and WORST OF ALL...THERE IS NO LONGER A -CLEAR EMBOSS EFFECT-. That is INDESPENSIBLE for watermarking photos which is my primary need since I have an online store... and was quick and immediate drag and drop on text in PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 2.0.

I FEEL CHEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When a customer buys 9.0 they are expecting that the product is same or improved... definitely NOT LESS or WORSE!!!!!

I am not the only customer UPSET ABOUT THIS as evidenced by the MANY internet posts and you tube tutorials of ADOBE CUSTOMERS STRUGGLING to CLEAR WATERMARK their photos.

I WANT A CLEAR EMBOSS PLUG IN that will do what it does in 2.0

So unfair that I bought NEW SOFTWARE that can't even do what it did 8 years ago...what is ADOBE trying to do????? Become MICROSOFT?????

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Posted 8 years ago

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I think you can cool down: There might have been many changes between elements 2 and 9, and it is possible to create a transparent watermark in elements, and it will be customizable. As for the transparent emboss, there are other ways to do it, or it might be listed under another name

Here is how to lower the opacity of the text:

You can get a transparent emboss by adding grey text, adding a bevel and emboss, and setting that layer blending mode to hard light, save it as a psd and you'll be able to copy the watermark to another file:

By using a clipping group, and save your watermark as an image, you can do it as well:

I'm sure Elements users will chime in with more suggestions ;D
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Hello PECourtjoie....

I appreciate your efforts to help, truly I do, but...

Imagine you go for dinner at the finest Belgian restaurant. And the meal was so wonderful, the following week, you return with your boss or your parents.

The menu is the same, the prices have doubled, don't mind because you are expecting the same wonderful meal.

The plates arrive and only half the food is on the plate. You question the waiter..."where are my vegetables?". The waiter replies, "Oh yes, you may have your vegetables, but you must come with me to the kitchen, and execute a 6 part procedure to wash, clean, peel, dice, cook, and plate the vegetables."... for each dinner you will be having...then the meal will be just as you had before.

Really? Who does that?

The point being, in Elements 2.0 to get a CLEAR EMBOSS watermark, one types a word, drags and drops the CLEAR EMBOSS...and you're done.
Resize it. Move it. No problem. Perfect.

I appreciate and did try and did achieve the end result of the tutorial by Kurt Amundsen, but, does not quite give the same effect as transparent to the photo background.

For the true transparent CLEAR EMBOSS effect, there is a tutorial by a youtube user ID JoshuaCrippsPhoto. It works and gives the true effect, but, it takes 6+ steps, and cannot be moved or resized once it has been placed.

I have to edit thousands of photos, and I need that drag and drop speed and the perfect transparency which lets the photo show through...every time.
I don't have time for a long convoluted multi step procedure.

My sincere desire is that these posts arrive on the desk of someone who has the absolute concern, desire, and Adobe corporate say-so to explain why after 8 years the "upgraded updated" product cannot do what the old, simple, and FUNCTIONAL one did.

I want that Adobe official to acknowledge, appreciate and realize I am speaking not only on behalf of myself but in similar view of zillions of other Adobe CUSTOMERS who bought the software and are disappointed (search the internet and their posts...frustrated, disappointed). And I want that Adobe executive to fix the problem...and without a 6 or more step procedurel

Change that does not make something better is...idiotic. Adobe -had- it they don't.

Thanks for considering.
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Hello, Alissen,

I understand your frustration, (have you read "who moved my cheese"?) halas I'm not (yet) a Elements user, otherwise, I'm sure I could come with a quick work around. (I don't know if one can save styles, to get what you want)

Does your watermark need to be different every time? If not, look in some of the videos posted, you could set it up once, then drag and drop to the files you want.

I'll wait for somebody more knowledgeable than me to possibly post a solution... If you do not gat a satisfying one, I would invite you to make a clear feature request, as the teams do listen.

Do you still have elements 2 installed?
Try the following procedure:
The file Clear Emboss (type).atn is in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 3.0\Previews\Effects\Text Effects. Copy it and paste it into the correct folder following this procedure:

I found that some users have a two step process: they apply a bevel and emboss, then set the visibility of that layer to none. (from the appearance and effects panel)
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OH---MY---GOSH!!!! yes SHOUTING!!!!

The CHEESE has been FOUND...It WORKED!

You cannot imagine the tremendous help this is for me!

I had looked to try this before you suggested it, but I could not find the file to copy...because I could not figure out what folder it was in.

The file path, and the installation tutorial you provided made all the difference.

I am so very grateful to you PECourtjoie!

I -was- so very upset.

I do not have a lot of money, but had to buy a new computer tower because the old one is 8 years old, and was crashing. Desperate to install programs and then transfer files quickly so as not to lose my business functions.

Had Windows XP and now have Windows 7, and half the programs I rely on were ALL having issues...which is not only upsetting, but prevents me from performing the daily duties of my small business.

Now, I can watermark my photos with drag and drop,(instead of long many step procedures) and life goes on.

I am SO very grateful to you.

If you ever need to know anything about Cats, Horses, California, Rubber Stamps, those are things I know a lot about. Otherwise, I am truly ...

forever in your debt!

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Nice work, Champ!
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Looking up a way to add an embossed watermark rubber stamp in PSE9 when this came up & I clicked it expecting a solution. *Note I am still weeks without one* Frowns & Frustrations :( :/ But after reading yalls conversation... THIS IS HEART WARMING & MADE ME SMILE, THINKING HOW 1 MAN WENT BACK & FORTH TO FIND THE SOLUTION FOR 1 STRANGER LADY!!!!! YALL ARE AWESOME!!!! BOTH OF YOUS!!!! HOPE THAT EVERYONE FRUSTRATED OUT THERE, HAPPENS TO HAPPEN UPON THIS EXCHANGE, IF FOR NOTHING BUT JUST A LIL HOPE WITH TODAYS' SOCIETY:):):):):)
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I found a real simple way to do it in Photoshop Elements 10 - just type in whatever text you want to "watermark" -
then go to where it says "layers" on the bottom right of the edit column and scroll down to "soft light",
then choose the "opacity" you want the text to be,
and then you can choose 1of 10 different emboss options -

it's literally 3 clicks and its better than the old PS Elements as you can actually choose the appearance of how prominent you want the watermark to look an you can make it inverted too! You can copy and paste to other pictures.... Plus you don't have to "simplify" any layers!