I am trying to contact Jeffrey Tranberry

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Hi Jeffrey, I contacted you originally via a question headed , "Frozen Marching Ants" to which you kindly replied.
At the time, in an attempt to assist me further, you provided an email address and asked that I send you system-info of my computer, as well as screen-shots of the Elements 9 anomalies I was experiencing.
This I did on 27 January, but have heard nothing further. I tried to contact you again via that email address, and then again via the PhotoshopFamily site, but to no avail?
Have my emails disappeared into the high, wide, cyber, yonder?

(Apologies if I appear impatient - have just seen, on your Adobe profile, the large number of queries you are currently handling. I am amazed at how many there are - I will wait my turn.

Have a good day
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Posted 7 years ago

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Jeffrey Tranberry, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Imaging

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Hi Nielen,

Thanks for the reminder. Looks like your email landed on a day I was dealing with a kidney stone, so it got lost in the shuffle.
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Jeffrey Tranberry, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Imaging

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I'll try and post a response based on the info by end of day today. Thanks for your patience.
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I wish I have your email Jeffrey Tranberry so I can tell you the BAD EXPERIANCES I have with Photoshop Elements 14 - I can't even INSTALL the darn software in the first place! The people who pretended to help me twice, are as ignorant as it gets. They BLAME everything from my INTERNET PROVIDER and that I'm not the ADMINISTRATOR on my own computer/Windows 10, to blaming everything under the stars, but they are NOT ABLE TO OVERCOME YOUR COPY-PROTECTION! You are PROTECTING paying customers, like myself from installing or running the purchased software, and the people who are braking every copy-protection scheme you ever made, are using the software!!! And you IGNORE THAT, because the people who are illegally copying your apps are gonna do that and paying customers are paying the price TWICE! Once with $$$ and the SECOND TIME when we can't even INSTALL THE PROGRAM!
It is bad that you at Adobe are so ignorant and do not care about us, the people who own, pay good $$$ directly AND even your salary; and in return you make stupid protection xxx that does not help me or anyone, but makes us MAD!
I'm very seriously looking for a paint program that will let me install what I paid for and the only "tech support" I'll ever want to contact is when I like to do something special and I need a REAL EXPERT (not one that is telling me that he/she is one, but makes me do STUPID STUFF that DOES NOT WORK...)!!!
As you can see, not being able to install Photoshop Elements 14 on Windows 10 in the year of 2015! is the STUPIDEST mistake you are making at Adobe!
You should FIRE the programmers that can't program a simple WORKING INSTALL program!!!!!!!!
Also, (and I'm an emigrant and I'm not a bigot...) hire AMERICAN workers that will not keep apologizing for their STUPIDITY as "tech support" because they do not even ask the right questions! They make me remove all kinds of files, make a SUPER-ADMIN accounts, asked me to complain to the Internet PROVIDER and many more STUPID excuses, to try to install your idiotic copy protection!

I've done some research about problems with Photoshop Elements and last couple Windows (i.e. 8/8.1 and version 10) and what people must do to make your software to do, so it works right. I'm surprised that you have customers at all, because if I was asked to do all that "crap", I would quit Adobe ASAP!

You know, 100 happy customers tell ONE friend or even a stranger, how he/she likes something/program..., but a VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER TELL 100s and even the ENTIRE INTERNET!

You at Adobe should one day start looking at the PAYING CUSTOMERS POINT OF VEW and not some idiot that is pushing copy protection against PAYING CUSTOMERS, or excuses why a CUSTOMER MUST DO THIS AND THAT to make YOUR APPLICATION TO WORK!