I love the new Photoshop User Interface!

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Referring to the new "flat" user interface in Photoshop 15.1, David Tristram (Adobe Employee) said that "for some users the changes are not positive." From that, I infer that for other users, the changes are positive. I thought it was only fair to start a new topic so people who feel positive about the new UI can comment.

For comments from those "some users" who don't like the new UI, see this thread:

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John Isner

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Posted 4 years ago

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Richard Olpin

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Oh look, deathly silence, as expected.

I've yet to speak to *anyone* that likes the new look. It's just horrible, indistinctive and a stressful to use as a result.

Thankfully Time Machine saves the day again.
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Sheryl Schopfer

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I like the new interface. I think it looks bright and clean, while still familiar.
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Sheryl, how many hours per day and how many days per week are you in front of Photoshop?
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Wow...a fanbase of one! That must surely paint a picture for you Adobe.
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[ crickets ]
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It's hilarious that this discussion (started by me with tongue in cheek) pops up at the top of the Google search results when I google

Photoshop "15.1" "user interface"

The discussion is also referenced on at least one other site. 

I don't know if this is simply Google showing me results in the order it thinks I wish to see them, or whether there's something else more nefarious going on!