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I'm not a professional and have only used Lightroom for less than a year. I do love the redesign and I want to use it but I don't like the auto-sync. How hard would it be to implement an option that prevents auto sync and instead enables manual sync? 

My idea is to add a manual sync option in the settings and when you want a photo to be uploaded to the cloud you should be able to click on the cloud button and hit "Sync" or "Upload". Taking away people's ability to choose doesn't just scare away the pros but also the beginners. 
Also, some advanced features from the original Lightroom need to be added. One of them is the export function. The new export function is terrible. I only see "Small, Full Size, and Custom". The original Lightroom has a lot more export functions.
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Good idea. I am actually ok with everything syncing as Long as i can delete things on my pc or other devices and the RAWs staying in the cloud.
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I would also like to see some sort of synch control. I know the marketing department wants everyone to buy the 1TB storage option, and in doing so choose between just CC or CC + Photoshop + CC Classic. But quite frankly your storage is a bit overpriced for customers who are already committing to your platform. I should be able to tag photos with a "synch" tag and have them synch to the cloud. Making things all-or-nothing purely to squeeze every last penny out of customers is just abusive. I only need to store my "important" images in the cloud. I would LIKE to use Lightroom to manage all of my originals, but you are making it difficult.
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I have more photos than storage space in the cloud. I'd like the ability import all of my photos to Lightroom and then select only a subset to upload.
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Hey, i would like to know if there's anyway i could add new pictures to lightroom without the sincronization to the cloud. It takes a long time and it isnt usefull for me.
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at the moment, the Lightroom CC-app auto-uploads all new images, including the ones received through messenger apps or downloaded from the internet.

It would be nice if we can decide which folders should be synced. In my opinion, only the self-taken photos are enaugh.

Thanks and kind regards
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Lightroom CC requires the ability to select what is uploaded, and what is not.  I know that this is a GEN 1 version, but I need to be able to use it exactly like I do Lightroom Classic CC.  For the most part, I NEVER want to upload anything automatically.  If anything, I will explicitly select and upload the files that I want in the cloud.

I have a 28TB NAS, soon to be 80TB, and I have absolutely no need for, nor would I ever want, large 3rd party cloud storage.  I only use it for finished products on a temporary basis.  My NAS replicates everything that I need to all machines that I need it to replicate to, even when I'm on the road.  Synology makes AWESOME products, and there is no way that I could afford this storage in the cloud.