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I'm not a professional and have only used Lightroom for less than a year. I do love the redesign and I want to use it but I don't like the auto-sync. How hard would it be to implement an option that prevents auto sync and instead enables manual sync? 

My idea is to add a manual sync option in the settings and when you want a photo to be uploaded to the cloud you should be able to click on the cloud button and hit "Sync" or "Upload". Taking away people's ability to choose doesn't just scare away the pros but also the beginners. 
Also, some advanced features from the original Lightroom need to be added. One of them is the export function. The new export function is terrible. I only see "Small, Full Size, and Custom". The original Lightroom has a lot more export functions.
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Good idea. I am actually ok with everything syncing as Long as i can delete things on my pc or other devices and the RAWs staying in the cloud.
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I would also like to see some sort of synch control. I know the marketing department wants everyone to buy the 1TB storage option, and in doing so choose between just CC or CC + Photoshop + CC Classic. But quite frankly your storage is a bit overpriced for customers who are already committing to your platform. I should be able to tag photos with a "synch" tag and have them synch to the cloud. Making things all-or-nothing purely to squeeze every last penny out of customers is just abusive. I only need to store my "important" images in the cloud. I would LIKE to use Lightroom to manage all of my originals, but you are making it difficult.
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Agreed. For $10/month we get 2TB to share in iCloud with Apple Photos. I’m curious to see how LR CC develops, but long term, I will not pay $20 / month for the features in both CC and Classic and the 1 TB of storage.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Selective upload.

I have more photos than storage space in the cloud. I'd like the ability import all of my photos to Lightroom and then select only a subset to upload.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC: Dont want the cloud syncronization.

Hey, i would like to know if there's anyway i could add new pictures to lightroom without the sincronization to the cloud. It takes a long time and it isnt usefull for me.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom Mobile: Possibility to select specific folder for auto-upload.

at the moment, the Lightroom CC-app auto-uploads all new images, including the ones received through messenger apps or downloaded from the internet.

It would be nice if we can decide which folders should be synced. In my opinion, only the self-taken photos are enaugh.

Thanks and kind regards
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Disable forced upload to cloud.

Lightroom CC requires the ability to select what is uploaded, and what is not.  I know that this is a GEN 1 version, but I need to be able to use it exactly like I do Lightroom Classic CC.  For the most part, I NEVER want to upload anything automatically.  If anything, I will explicitly select and upload the files that I want in the cloud.

I have a 28TB NAS, soon to be 80TB, and I have absolutely no need for, nor would I ever want, large 3rd party cloud storage.  I only use it for finished products on a temporary basis.  My NAS replicates everything that I need to all machines that I need it to replicate to, even when I'm on the road.  Synology makes AWESOME products, and there is no way that I could afford this storage in the cloud.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC: Exclude images from sync from mobile device..

Is there a way to prevent an album from being included when LR CC syncs with cloud storage from a mobile device.
For example, if I am travelling or working remote and want to perform some preliminary ‘quick’ edits on an iPad while away, but I do not want these images to be sync’d to cloud storage or downloaded and available to LR Classic until I deliberately import them through the Classic application. I realise I can turn sync off on the iPad, but I believe ‘all’ images will be sync’d to cloud storage (and then downloaded to Classic) when this is turned back on. I was hoping to be able to exclude an album from the sync, but cannot see that this can be done. Any advice appreciated. Tks.
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I would love the ability to decide which files get synced up to creative cloud.

I am an amateur photographer and graphic designer, so I pay for the full suite of apps to get illustrator / photography tools. However, the full suit of apps only comes with 100GB of online storage. I can pay to upgrade to 1TB for $10/mo but honestly that is so expensive I cannot justify it because I use my NAS at home anyway for backup and redundancy.

There are though features I would love to take advantage of in Creative Cloud that I cannot because I had to turn off syncing. For example, I would love to make a portfolio website for my photography and having the photos synced from Lightroom CC would be amazing and easy, but I can't do this because my photo library is over 100GB.

The other biggest problem is that it uses up all of my illustrator space. I love using the Creative Cloud library to sync my assets across apps and devices. (Creative Clouds asset library is one of my favorite thing about the Adobe suite as a whole in this SaaS world.) So I can't sync any of my photos to creative cloud otherwise I'll lose all of my illustrator space.
Please add a selective sync option! Thank you!
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It would be great to have a feature available throughout Adobe Cloud - simply selected by folder properties - to auto-sync or not to auto-sync.  That way the user can move assets around in folders which do sync automatically across devices and assets that do not - but can optionally be requested to sync manually.  Problem solved if the developers go that route.
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By making the sync system auto, you are excluding many people who will not pay the high price of your storage system, thus rendering the sync system unusable for many of us.
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Selective sync is only available in Classic and then it only syncs smart previews. If classic would also sync full raw, it would be the perfect solution.
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I shoot about 2,000-4,000 images a week, by not allowing selective sync it prevents me from being able to work on image on multiple devices on specific images as the uploading of the images takes far too long for me to be able to work on my most recent (or selected) images. I will have to find an alternative photo editing software.
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I edit across many devices. Some of them I want to get all photos, some of them have much less free space and I only want to sync a subset of photos to them. Selective sync per-device would be a huge benefit here.
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The lack of selective sync is what stops me from making the move from Classic. I want to be able to add all the photos I've taken to Lightroom, but I only want photos I'll work on synced to the cloud otherwise I run out of space very quickly. Syncing Albums/Collections is basically what I'm after. Unused photos are good to have on hand but aren't required on all devices.

I'm not about to manually remove all other photos, and I'm not about to pay extra for 1TB either as I have my own backups including unlimited PrimePhotos storage (I'd definitely pay extra for Prime Photos integration though!)

For now I'm happy to stick to Classic.
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I absolutely do not want everything in one place. I use my phone and my desktop for very different purposes and I want to maintain that distinction. I guess I'll have to remove lightroom from the phone.
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I don't want all photos uploaded to CC.  I take a lot of snapshots and reserve LR and PS for more professional work so don't want the two sets intermingled.  I want to be able to sync only the collections I choose to.
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I really like having all my photos uploaded to the cloud. I recently transferred over to the Lightroom CC only option with 1TB of storage (£9.94)

This gives me offsite back up of all my photos and the ability of having them locally storaged and locally backed up.

However I notice that Adobe charge such a large amount for cloud storage. This seems to be the real issue here rather than selective sync. My subscription is £9.94/month but that is also the same price of an additional 1TB which is quite a lot compared to other cloud storage companies.

Storage is really cheap now and I think it would be better for Adobe to lower the price of the per TB storage so more customers can benefit from the syncing and off site back ups. Also maybe including it on more plans. That seems to be what a lot of people are talking about here.

I would like the ability of priority upload for a selection of images and pausing sync on the rest as sometimes you want to be working on a certain set of photos across devices and don’t want to wait for everything else to upload first.
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As suggested by others I'd like a Hybrid solution so that I can use the cloud selectively and not for my whole library.