I have an Issue with adjustment layers when clipped to a group

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I have an Issue with adjustment layers when clipped to a group containing layers in blend modes other than normal.
A technician thought this was normal behaviour but I don't think so: 
I have a group which contains a shadow image on a white background. I have set this layer to multiply so I just see the shadow. I then wanted to add an adjustment to all layers in this group so I added a HSL adjustment layer which I clipped down to the group. This caused a single pixel hairline to appear around my multiply layer - it got even worse when I tried to put a mask on the multiply layer it went all milky -as in NOT multiply any more.
On another file I had layers in a group set to screen and colour dodge, when I put an HSL on this group and clipped it, before I even make adjustments to the HSL layer it drastically changes how the group is acting. All my prefs got re-set by the technician controlling my screen. He didnt see it as an issue and just said 'thats how photoshop works'
But in all my 20 years of using photoshop multiply mode has never ever shown a hairline, let alone odd opacity behaviour. It has also occurred in the older 2018 PS. Here is a screen recording of both instances. Is this a bug? or is it just the way PS works? Cos we cant have a white multiply layer showing up at all ever?
If this is normal I suggest it needs looking at - lots of times I want to apply an adjustment to a group and that group contains layers that are in different blend modes. Is it not possible to make this work properly?
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Posted 9 months ago

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Yeah, that seems really wonky. Does it look the same if you:

1. Make a new group and set that group's blend mode to "Normal" instead of pass-through.
2. Put the unclipped HSL layer and group into that new group

If you still get the weird outlines then sure...  maybe that's how it works? But if not, I would call it a bug.
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Hi, thanks for the reply. As soon as you make a group that contains layers in a blend mode into normal instead of pass through, all of the contained blend modes revert to normal - so a white layer in multiply reverts to opaque white. 
Secondly the minute you unclip an adjustment layer it affects everything underneath it whether its in or out of a group.
Anyway the second you  unlclip it from the group the anomalies stop.

Do you think you could try something as a favour? - then I'd know it wasn't my prefs or machine.

Make a doc. Make the background grey just so it's easy to see whats happening. draw any kind of shape in white on a new layer. Put that layer into multiply mode so it goes invisible. Put that multiply layer into a group. Make an adjustment layer hsl or curves BUT DON'T MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT.  Then clip it down so you can only affect the group not your grey background. Now look to see if you have an outline at the pixels of the multiply layer. If you put a curves layer on  - make it lighter. Does transparent white now develop opacity? Why would it do that on a multiply layer? 
Make a doc with a grey background. on a new layer in some kind of light colour paint some marks and put in screen mode. Then make another new layer and perhaps in a different light colour make some overlapping marks and put that layer in colour dodge, take the fill down to 70 percent or so. I often do this to emulate light leaks or similar. Now lets imagine you wanted to quickly alter the HSL of both layers in tandem. What you logically do is group them and put on an HSL adjustment. BUT we don't want to affect the grey background so we clip it down... what happens to your colour dodge/screen combo? Probably screwed?
If this is how PS works  - then it needs some tweaking.
I know there is a long way round - two clipped HSL's within the group one for the screen one for the colour dodge... faff. but ok. I'm just miffed that this doesn't work!!