Lightroom mobile: Ability to edit raw files on mobile devices

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Dear Adobe
Maybe you can make Photoshop or lightroom on android or iOS can edit RAW files? because shot in JPEG isn't good, and RAW only can open on WIndows or Mac, that's also made people difficult to shot in good quality but without computer...
So, please think about it? Dear Adobe
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Mars Hartdegen

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Posted 2 years ago

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john beardsworth

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Try Lightroom Mobile.
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Dave Pearce

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Mars, Lightroom on IOS can edit raw files. Has done for a while. Have you actually tired it?
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Not only can Lightroom edit RAW on an iPad or iPhone, but you can also use Photos for viewing and editing RAW files.
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Wolfgang Exler

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I do not recommend editing RAW file on mobile devices. My experience with editing images on non calibrated/profiled displays is bad. As I use defined light sources and profiled displays for editing, I always miss this quality on mobile devices. And if I prepare just some quick and dirty pictures to publish in the web, I don't use the RAW files for that.
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Your philosophy is extremely sound when processing RAW files that are destined for a critical color print end product. However, if the images processed on mobile device are to be viewed by others  on their mobile devices, Lightroom Mobile (and many other iOS and Android apps) are quite capable of performing the task.

No matter how 'defined' your light sources are and how accurately you profile your personal displays, you have absolutely zero control over how accurate the displays on other devices your work may be viewed on.
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Dave Pearce

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Loads of people do it. If you know your monitors and how the ipad or phone handles contrast and colour then it works fine. If you are targeting social media it makes sens to edit on the same screen that a lot of your audience will view it on.

Also its hard to take calibrated monitors and controlled lighting on holiday with you :-)
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This is a classic false dichotomy problem. There's nothing that says by touching your raw files on a mobile device, that you can't also work on them later.

What about the scenario in which you want to cull, rate, or flag your images?
What about doing basic cropping?
What about making basic adjustments to later refine at home?
What about letting go of the pretense that absolute color matters absolutely? If no one looks at your photo on a color managed device, does it matter? Think about why musicians and studio engineers often listen to their tracks in a car...

I know color management is fun, but c'mon, you're cutting off your nose to spite your face ;)