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I LOVE the dumbed down interface ... when I'm working on my iPad or iPhone, but WHY would I want to use a dumbed down interface on my PC or Mac? Lightroom Classic for me ... but I wonder how long it will be before there is no such thing? I reckon that ON1 will be pretty excited about this move by Adobe though ... could mean LOTS of new business for them!
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  • Perplexed and pissed off.

Posted 2 years ago

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On1 Photo Raw has a lot to offer if only they can stabilize it.  Even 2018 is having issues. The seem to live in the world of Beta. :(.  The "new" CC look just like Lightroom Mobile except it has a healing brush added which they really need to put into the Mobile version.  But the whole thing seems almost identical.  Maybe this means that mobile we get a couple of better tools.  Right now Snapseed 2.0 is acting a lot better than LR Mobile in regards to the non-destructive processing of raw images.  

I am not sure what Adobe is hoping to accomplish.  Also, they actually stole the color and luminosity masks from an Israeli company who is making Picktorial 3.0---

Not that anyone really care what I think but I have been rapidly moving away from Adobe and this will more than likely do the trick.  I am just fed up with them.
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> Also, they actually stole the color and luminosity masks from an Israeli company who is making Picktorial 3.0---

Evidence?  Color and luminosity masks are hardly new.
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After reading all the articles, I don’t think adobe will suffer that much, maybe only from new user confusion. I think 95% of people will use Lightroom Classic, and workgroups who need to collaborate will use Lightroom CC for the convenience.
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Does anyone actually watch the introduction or comparison videos Adobe puts out? Clearly this is version 1.0 of a brand new Lightroom framework that is meant to be cloud focused.

Julieanne Kost made a good point that they are working towards including the advanced features from LR Classic eventually but its work in progress and if no one seems to remember when the original Lightroom v1.0 released they didn't even have a crop tool. If its current form isn't for you then use classic; thats why its there and they emphasized that it is still being developed as they understand this new version doesn't satisfy everyones needs. Choice is good.

One day Lightroom CC may have all the same functionality plus more but I appreciate them not trying to force features into Lightroom Classic's old outdated code base in a half baked manner. Sometimes starting from scratch is a good thing as it allows them to use more modern technology and programming practices. They also realized that not everyone who uses LR is a pro and just needs good editing tools in a well laid out and inviting environment with the ability to access photos everywhere. Just be patient (or don't) and see what happens.

Besides, if they do kill off LR Classic before LR CC becomes a true replacement for it then as you said you always can move to ON1 or any other competitors product that fills your need. In the end they are a business and its up to them what avenues they want to take with their products and which audiences they are trying to target. You can't please everyone and someone is always going to feel alienated against when a product changes but thats the way the cookie crumbles.