I am looking for a new computer to use for just photo edting only. Any suggestions?

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Looking for a new computer for photo editing.  Prefer a laptop but heard desktops are better.  I'm wondering what the pros use and what to look for overall.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I work at a desktop computer to produce illustrations, and I prefer it over a laptop, but I keep a laptop for working on the road. The laptop CAN handle a second monitor, which is a non-negotiable accessory, but if you work away from your studio much, you can't take the second monitor with you. You can cram more memory and more storage inside the desktop computer than the laptop, and you're going to need it for the work. 4GB RAM-where a lot of laptops start- may be fine for most microsoft apps, but  is totally inadequate for any graphic work. 8GB is bare-bones acceptable; 16GB and 32GB are adequate. Apple Macbook Pro and Air max out at 16GB, Dell laptops at 32GB. Both are sufficient, more is better. Laptops tend to be slightly slower than desktops, like one generation behind, but how much difference does that really make? One distinct difference that may or may not mean much in your case is that you can install a faster and more powerful GPU in a desktop computer than in a laptop. That's the video card, video board, or graphics processor. The games industry has spurred availability of bigger, faster, more powerful (and more power-demanding) graphics processors, so large that they take up two or more PCIe expansion slots in a desktop tower-a board half the size of an average laptop. I prefer a desktop tower because I can squirrel all my hard drives away inside it, including the backup drive, and not have them splayed out over my work table like a dead octopus, and because the tower (a Mac Pro) can take upgrades like additional USB cards, meaning I don't have to rely on external USB hubs (yet another desiccated tentacle on the table). So Laptops are less expandable and upgradable than desktops, desktops are tidier and wield more potential power than laptops, but both can be made to work.
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You need a custom build based off of an AMD FX 8 core CPU chip. I would suggest the following http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/VenomX_PBA_A100 but custom it up to at least 32GB RAM and 4TB HDD. DO NOT go with AMD Graphic card!
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Look up the new 16" Wacom Cintiq Mobile Studio. It's a near-desktop replacement tablet running windows 10 and has a dedicated gfx card. Bonus is that when you have to upgrade in a few years, it still works as a plug and play secondary monitor and Wacom pen screen for a different pc.