Camera Raw 12.3: I absolutely hate the new UI, anyone else with me?

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I was working on a big wedding, took a break and saw Adobe wanted me to update. So I hit update, came back to my computer to find ACR completely jacked up. SERIOUSLY???? I am so upset and angry right now. Can you give people a freakin heads up when you're about to completely screw up their entire day???? I HATE LIGHTROOM. I do not use LIGHTROOM because ACR is much simpler. But not anymore!!! ACR is totally completely different. I can't find half of the crap I usually use. All of my presets are gone. Everything is different? Why? Whyyyyyyyyy??? did you do this???? The dumbest thing I've ever seen. I'm so so so irritated right now. I see some people posting that I can revert and follow 1 million steps to hopefully return to the old version. Now I'll have to spend hours trying to do that. I do not to the depths of my soul understand why you would do this to everyone. At least in the future put a giant warning "HEY SO AND SO IF YOU PUSH THIS BUTTON PREPARE TO SPEND HOURS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WTH IS GOING ON AND HAVE YOUR ENTIRE WORKFLOW GO OUT THE WINDOW....." ????!!!!!
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Official Response

Thank you for continuing to provide valuable feedback on the recent UI changes in Adobe Camera Raw 12.3. For some customers these changes have disrupted existing workflows, particularly for in-process projects. To mitigate these issues we have offered a roll back to version 12.2.1 so that you can continue your current projects under the old UI.

Adobe updated the Camera Raw user interface for several reasons. The new design supports commonly-requested features, such as a horizontal filmstrip, a Crop tool consistent with the Photoshop and Lightroom crop models, and the ability to see multiple edit panels simultaneously. The new design is also intended to accommodate several new image editing features that we have in the works.

At this time, Adobe is not planning to revert the UI to the 12.2.1 state nor are there plans to offer both interfaces as an option in the future. That said, we are determined to fix bugs and improve workflows within the new user interface. Please continue to provide feedback on bugs (items not working as designed) and feature requests (changing items from their as designed behavior to a new behavior). Each individual item warrants its own new thread where we can hone the request with your information and commentary and others can provide pinpoint feedback.

In a forum like this it is often easy to lose sight of the self-selecting bias that can result making it appear as if 'everyone in the world’ is complaining. Remember, those for whom the UI has caused little or no difficulty have little incentive to appear and post here.

Lastly, it is most important to respect others opinions, behave civilly and stay focused on providing quality feedback.