HUGE problem! Photoshop Ps 2018 19.1 after upgrade can not save!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since Ps upgraded in my CC it does not save!  It says that there's not enough memory to do this!!!  
First of all: Why Ps needs more memory to save something, what is in the memory already?! 
Second, but the more problematic. 
The computer has 4 GB RAM, Windows 10. 
Only Ps is open, nothing else. 
The image what I was worked on is a 50-55 MB PSD, 961x340 pixels.  SO Why Ps say there's no memory to save this?!?! 
And Ps does this with anything I open!!!   And just since the update to 19.1! 
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Posted 2 years ago

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You can try "Edit > Purge > All" this removes your history steps and could make a bit space in memory. Also check "Edit > Preferences > Stratch Disk" and see how many free space you have. If you have more disk allow photoshop also swap on them. Or you can try clean you disk and make more free space.
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No, Purge All does not solve the problem.  Even if I open, and want to immediately saveas, Ps say "not enough memory". 
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No experience with W10, but I am afraid that a 4gb ram will by to short to run PS 19 and other soft.
So I suggest you to set at least more 4 Gb Ram if this is possible I would go up to 32 Gb RAM.

It is said by the suppliers:
- For W10/64 you need at least 2GB for the system
- For PS 19 you need at least 2GB and it' recommended to use 8Gb. For PS install you need min 4 GB.
PS 19 install must have been very long.
Your computer must be short in RAM.
Cleaning it like Jarosav says should be a temporary solution. 
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1. So I had to have at least 2 GB and I have 4 GB (and 64 bit Win10 to be able to use it).
2. This problem was not in Ps CC 2018 19.0, just since 19.1 on the very same computer! 
3. I installed the computer in sep.2016., since then I always update CC-photography plan.  The updates never took very long time, nor the 19.1 update. 
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Perhaps your computer is using Ram for other task you don't see.
Can't you make a test on memory usage while you are using it?
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> This problem was not in Ps CC 2018 19.0, just since 19.1 on the very same computer! >

You really are very, very short on RAM, as everyone says. However, I don't know why PS 19.1 would suddenly want more RAM—assuming you've checked that no other RAM hog is running, you have plenty of clean, contiguous scratch disk space,  and your last OS update didn't suddenly claim more to itself or change a setting about how much is allocated to PS.  

I have gotten an out of memory complaint from PS when I knew I wasn't out of memory—PS had something corrupt going on. If quitting and relaunching doesn't help, nor does rebooting the computer, trashing Prefs (after saving any unsaved presets first) might do the trick.

Lastly, uninstall and reinstall PS in case the installation was corrupt.  I'm afraid I know next to nothing about troubleshooting what Windows might be contributing to this fail.
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Hello there,

Hey, have you checked to make sure that you have enough hard drive space as well?  If your RAM is low, Photoshop will then focus on using your scratch disk(s) and if there's not enough room...

It is true that you could certainly use more RAM, since 4 GB is not a lot and the recommendation is 8 GB (

What size file are we talking about here?

Nothing in 19.1 should need markedly more memory than 19.0.