Lightroom/Camera Raw: HSL controls for adjustment brush and gradient tools

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The addition of HSL controls for the adjustment brush and the gradient tools would be a wonderful advancement and offer LR another great feature set that I'm sure would come in handy for the vast majority of Lightroom users.
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All image adjustments should be "brushable".

There should be no need to have an extra adjustment brush panel that duplicates only some of the controls.
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I believe that Adobe doesn't pay atention to this forum. So many real improvements to do and nothing... Very frustrated!
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Let’s make this threat pop. This was way to long adobe was ignoring this thread. This is serious issue. Fook they legalized weed. And we still can’t get Hsl on a freaking camera raw. Let’s keep commenting until this corporate asshole can Implement this most basic feature. Keep on going guys
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You can do this using the Color Range Mask tools available in the Adjustment Brush, Radial Filter, and Graduated filter. The HSL controls are limited to eight colors, which isn't isn't very selective. By comparison the Color Range Mask has virtually unlimited color selectivity using its eyedropper tool. In fact the Color Range tools make addition of the HSL controls almost redundant. It's just a different and less selective way of adjusting color. You can add as many Color Masks as you like to correct different image areas and/or colors.

I suspect most people that reject this as a solution don't understand how to use it. Here's a good tutorial on the topic of skin tone correction in portraits. Jump to 3:55 for the segment on portrait retouching.
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I watched the video and yes it is an effective way of altering colors; however, it is not nearly as straightforward as tweaking sliders which we have understood for, what, a decade?  How do you use this approach to boost (not reduce) colors that are not in the image?  Most people using the HSL sliders tweak more than one slider control, e.g. reduce the green and yellow sliders if grass is too green or boost both if not enough.  So the sliders do give us effective AND SIMPLE control over a range of colors.  Why not give us the set of controls we already understand?  Other products do.
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I agree!
In Capture One, make layer, paint mask, adjust anything (inside or outside) mask, including HSL
Come on Adobe make it simple  like this
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The reason Adobe doesn't do what seems evident to most anyone using Lightroom is probably for reasons other than those we suspect. Usually because Adobe is run by non-users like ... techies, or .... accountants. Logic from a user's point of view has nothing to do with corporate decision making most of the time. Most corporations are run in a similar dis-embodied manner it seems. Go figure.
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And this is the reason why a lot of serious photographers turn their nose up at LR. I love LR but I have to defend it amongst my peers. Adobe could take it to the next level and be a real competitor to Capture One but they are stuck in a pro-sumer mentality, adding features that cater to the middle market. 
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Thank you Champ and .... while you may or may not be correct - depending on your personal standards on what good color is, telling clients that what they hanker for repeatedly and insistently is available via workarounds and that they should just read up on it is .... a marketing 101 no-no and probably experienced on the receiving end as tantamount to tone deafness (forgive the pun). Is that what Adobe is looking for? The fix can't be that technically challenging for Adobe.