Lightroom/Camera Raw: HSL controls for adjustment brush and gradient tools

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The addition of HSL controls for the adjustment brush and the gradient tools would be a wonderful advancement and offer LR another great feature set that I'm sure would come in handy for the vast majority of Lightroom users.
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Just being able to brush saturation would be an amazing way to selectively remove background distractions, enhance subjects, etc.  Agreed that clutter needs to be avoided, but could put just those sliders in a pop-up box so that it has minimal impact to the primary dropdown options.
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+1 for HSL with the adjustment brush/gradient tools. It would save me a lot of roundtrips to and from PS.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Local tsl.

Hello, we were talking between photographs and we need, " local TSL " treatment, if u can think for next versions
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Why don't you add HSL control in brushes? Even Apple Aperture had this incredibly useful function..
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They will never get to it. It seems like this thread is just soaked with tears and frustration. Because doing layers and other useless clicking around is way better choice. Not to say I don't appreciate all the good things adobe ia doing to the program but commmmmmmme on! This is essential to any user. Yeah adobe can you imaging people DO NEED LOCAL COLLOR CONTROLS. Can we start a legit petition #belive!
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Well, it is already working is it not? In Capture One Pro, that is.

If the mountain won't come to the prophet, then the prophet should just choose another mountain.
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Definitely agree that the ability to mask HSL would be of tremendous value.  The original suggestion was made 5 years ago, so it's beyond time to get it done!
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Wow 5 years!? Do we need to call the cops or the national guard? This is a state of emergency! Every one that's on this thread keep posting and make this thread trend. 5 years? Damn! That's like what photoshop cs3?
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Yes.  Please add this enhancement, guys.  Isn't Lightroom for professionals and their photo editing workflow?  This is a pretty basic part of a photo editing workflow.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Adding HSL to the range of Brush adjustments would be a powerful addition to LR. ....

Why have to go outside of LR when the capabilities are right there!
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Adjustment Brush should definitely include: HSL, and Vibrance! I believe it's coming soon because the performance improvements seem to be kicking in. 
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The Saturation slider already does Vibrance when moved in a + direction. And you can get pretty close to HSL by using the new Color Range Mask to select a color and Exposure/Temp/Tint/Saturation to adjust.
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Here is something I posted to another thread...

Colour and Range mask are a step towards what I'd like!
However what I would really like is to have the HSL tool tab available with the adjustment brush and for example "paint" the sky and then adjust the Blue Saturation and Lightness. (gives great skys) However when you do this globally you often get bad artefacts in (blue) shaded areas of buildings.
Capture One does this really well, however (for lots of reasons mostly speed of workflow) I only use it when tethered.
This will give some idea of what would be nice!

Come on Adobe, we are paying more now then ever before and the rate of (useful) development is worse than before
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I really really miss  local HSL adjustment on the brush tool. It would save me so much time...

I use Lightroom exclusively - and need to export images to other software just for this feature.

I'm looking around to move away from Lightroom just because of this :(
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it would be nice, like on1 photoraw, to be able to stack several HSL tuning, one for sky, another for foliage,... and for each, have a luminosity mask or a color range mask and brush out/gradient out to remove effect.
a single HSL panel doesn't allow to process a zone without interfering on another one.
lightroom cannot manage several panels in a stack so perhaps we could find a way by putting HSL in a local adjustment instead of fixed panel.

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To be able to change hsl on brushed areas would keep in the system.  Itd be great if adobe could implement this now. Its easy to do this in capture one rather than the LR PS smart object work flow that it currently requires. 
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DXO photolab seems to have integrated this feature now !

Look how ON1 does that :
Luminar and Topaz have similar features
I really wonder why i continue using Lightroom in develop.It takes years to Adobe to have basic features.
Remember in the past when Capture NX2 was so powerful while Lightroom 3 was still a toy.
best regardsmarc
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I can't think of the countless times I have wished for HSL adjustment features in Lightrooms adjustment brush, gradient and radial tool. It seems almost unnatural not having this option since it's already there globaly and since it would give us even more control of color rendition in our work. This would be a great step up and bring Lightroom on par with some of the other major editing programs.

So please Adobe, listen up and put this on your top priority list :-)

Kind regards, Steen