Elements 10: How to get my photo book printed from online?

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I tried to use shutterfly to get my photobook printed, I was unable to get the photobook to upload. Instead it uploaded my photobook as individual pictures. I called shutterfly and they said that they do not do this directly. There is some form of a template that I need to use to first create the photobook from. Does anyone know how to get there photo book printed?
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Posted 7 years ago

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Which application are you using?
Which version?
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I am using Photoshop elements 10.
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I have spent the last 5 days, currently on hold with Adobe, trying to get them to admit that when Kodak exited as their photobook publisher, they did not replace them. There is currently NO option to go from a Photoshop-created photobook to a hardcover photo book. I'd like you to see the "chat" I've been through (totaling 4 hours) and the phone conversations (totalling 3 hours just today) to try to see how they will fix this problem. Since the product packaging for Photoshop Elements 10 says that you are able to upload a photobook project and have a hardcopy made (Kodak did it nicely prior to the beginning of July) and it is no longer an option, can I get my money back?? There idea of a "fix" is to put me on terminal HOLD. That's where I am now!
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I'm going to try to paste the chat so you can have all the info I have tried to get so far.
QUESTION: How can I get a photobook printed through the link in the Photoshop Elements 7.0 program now that Kodak is no longer affiliated with Photoshop services?.
You are now chatting with Deepak G.
Deepak G: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
Deepak G: Hi Karen.
Deepak G: May I please have your email address registered with Adobe while I review your request?
Karen: ksmaine@ca.rr.com
Deepak G: I will be glad to assist you with this.
Deepak G: Thank you for the email address.
Deepak G: May I have the serial number of the software?
Karen: I will have to look for the box. I have had the product for several years, frankly I was intending to upgrade to 10.0 this month right after I got the new photobook printed.
Deepak G: Thank you for the Information.
Karen: It will take a couple minutes to see if I can find it. Is the serial number available on the program itself anywhere? Can I find it on my computer?
Karen: I have the box, where is the number located?
Deepak G: May I know If you have registered the serial number?
Karen: I found it, there are two. Photoshop Elements is 1057-1007-9229-4123-0402-2010. I have the Premier Elements number also. It's 1143-1008-0749-2332-6885-3753 and yes, I registered it about 3 years ago.
Deepak G: Thank you for the serial number.
Deepak G: Karen, you will have to create a technical web case.
Deepak G: I will help you with the steps to create a technical web case.
Karen: What is a technical web case?
Deepak G: This is a technical Issue, once you create a technical web case you will get a response email with in the next 48 hours.
Karen: okay.
Deepak G: 1. Please login to your "Adobe account.
Deepak G: 2. On the "Home Page," you will view the option "My Support.
Deepak G: 3. Then, please click on the option "My Support Programs.
Deepak G: 4. After clicking the option, you will be redirected to "Customer Support Portal."
Deepak G: 5. On that page you will view the option "Home," please click on that option.
Deepak G: 6. On that page you will view the option "Get Support," under that you will find "Technical Support."
Deepak G: 7. Please select the option "Issue type" and proceed to fill the online form.
Deepak G: 8. You will get the response by our technical expert within 48 hours.
Karen: I do not have an Adobe account that I know of.
Karen: I thought that by contacting you, I was going to get technical support.
Deepak G: I am sorry, we are from the customer support team.
Karen: How do I log onto Adobe? I have no account.
Deepak G: I see that you have an Adobe account with the email address: ksmaine@ca.rr.com.
Deepak G: I will help you with the link to login to your Adobe account.
Karen: okay
Deepak G: Please click on this link to login to your Adobe account.
Deepak G: Did you get the link?
Karen: Yes, I got the link.
Deepak G: Okay.
Deepak G: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Karen: no. It seems like my question is a simple one, I just wanted to know where I can get my Photoshop project printed. Seems like you should have that information. Not really technical!
Deepak G: Let me check on this.
Deepak G: Karen, you will have to contact Kodak for this Information.
Karen: Since Kodak is no longer available and Photoshop has partnered with Shutterfly to provide the services that Kodak will no longer offer, I did contact Shutterfly. They do not provide the service Kodak used to, and photobooks printed by shutterfly need to be created on their software rather than using the Photoshop photobook option. I just want my book printed exactly as i created it using the Photoshop software.
Karen: Kodak is out of business!
Karen: This is a customer service issue.
Deepak G: I am sorry, we are not sure about this Issue please create a technical web case and wait for the response email.
Karen: okay!
Deepak G: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Karen: Is there anyone I can talk to on the phone who may be more informed? (without paying the $39)
Deepak G: You will have to create a technical web case.
Deepak G: I am sorry for the Inconvenience.
Karen: Can you tell me if the Photoshop 10.0 has an option to create a photobook? If it does, it should have a company that is contracted to print the book. Can you tell me what company that is?
Deepak G: We are from the general customer team.
Deepak G: We are not technically equipped to assist you on this.


Thank you for choosing Adobe. A representative will be with you shortly. Your estimated wait time is 0 minute(s) and 2 second(s) or longer as there are 1 customer(s) in line ahead of you.
You are now chatting with 'Syed'
Syed: Hello. Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.
Syed: I have received your query. Please allow me a moment to verify your account and to review the details of your request.
Syed: Thanks for your patience,
Syed: As I understand that you need to if the PhotoBook print option to print it is available on Photoshop Elements 10. Am I correct ?
Karen: yes
Syed: Thank you for confirmation.
Syed: I'll be glad to provide you information with this.
Syed: Karen, the option to priint the PhotoBook is available on Photoshop Elements 10.
Karen: Can you tell me what company it is through?
Syed: May I know if you are referring to purchase the Adobe product ?
Karen: Yes, I will purchase Photoshop Elements 10 if I can be guaranteed that I can get my photobook printed. I currently have Photoshop Elements 7.0 and have a completed photobook I want to print. However the only option for printing the book is through Kodak, and Kodak outsourced to Shutterfly, and Shutterfly does not print photobooks created through Photoshop Elements 7.0. They will not even print if I create a PDF of the book.
Syed: Karen, the company that is contracted to print the Book is Shutterfly.
Syed: You also have the option to print the book locally.
Karen: Again, I have contacted Shutterfly for printing my book from 7.0, and they can not. So if I purchase the 10, two more questions: 1. is there a direct link within the program so that any books I create can be printed and 2. is there a way that I can install 0 and have it read the photobook project I created in 7 so that I can get the project printed?
Karen: What kind of service prints locally from Photoshop Elements 10?
Syed: Karen, the Photo books can be printed on your home printer, ordered online from Adobe Photoshop Services, saved to your hard drive, and sent by e-mail.
Karen: I need to order a photobook online from Adobe Photoshop Serices then. How do I do that?
Karen: I need to have a hardbound copy.
Syed: Okay, let me provide you the information,
Syed: To print locally from your printer, there will be 2 options.
Karen: I do not have a printer that will print the size required for the photobook, and I can not bind the book.
Syed: 1. 297.00 X 210.00mm
Syed: 2. 300.00 X 300.00 mm
Syed: Okay, no problem.
Karen: I need to "have" the book printed by a service. Previous years, I was very satisfied with the way Kodak linked up with the Photoshop Elements 7.0.
Karen: Again, I am willing to start the project over if necessary, after purchasing the Photoshop Elements 10, IF I can be guaranteed that a link is provided within the program so that the book can be published (like the service Kodak provided previously)
Syed: I will provide you with the link that will help you with all your questions,
Syed: Please click here for the required information.
Syed: In case you need for help I will transfer you to the sales team so that they will help you will all your questions.
Syed: Is that ok?
Karen: I have already spoken with customer service about this issue, is that the same as the sales team?
Syed: Sales team will help you with your questions.
Syed: Shall I go ahead and transfer the chat ?
Syed: Are we still connected?
Karen: The link you shared with me does not mention Photobooks. I am aware that printing services exist through Shutterfly. Hwever, they do NOT print photobooks via Photoshop. Again, I do not have Photoshop Elements 10. I will buy it if you have linked it with a service that will print my book. However if you are saying that Shutterfly is the service, I know that they do not print Photoshop-created photobooks. You must use their templates in order to print photobooks.
Karen: Yes, we are connected
Syed: Thank you.
Karen: I talked with customer service yesterday, and they said that this was a technical issue.
Syed: Okay.
Karen: If you could just tell me how Photoshop Elements 10 prompts you to print a photobook from the program using a supplied link, that might answer my question. If it still links the user up with Kodak, that will NOT work.
Syed: We do have Shutterfly option and their template from Photoshop Elements 10, you can use it and order the images.
Syed: However, to help you purchase the right product for you, you will have to speak with our Sales team as they can help you better.
Syed: In this case, shall I transfer this chat to them ?
Karen: NO! I talked with Kodak yesterday (an actual phone conversation) and they could not answer my question. Can you just open the Photoshop Elements 10 program for me, create some benign photobook, and see what print options are available?
Karen: Is the sales team different from customer service which is different from tech support?
Syed: Please click here to check on printing image using Shutterfly.
Syed: Yes
Syed: Regarding this issue, you will have to contact them
Syed: Shall I transfer this chat or provide you with the phone support number for them ?
Karen: the link you supplied to me does NOT allow someone to create the entire photobook on Photoshop and THEN publish. It allows you to take photos from your organizer and put them into THEIR template. This is NOT what I need to do.
Syed: Are you using trial product now ?
Karen: No. I have Photoshop Elements 7.0 (with Premier). I used to be able to produce a hardcopy photobook through a link in the program via Kodak. When Kodak stopped that service, an alternative service was not made. As I stated previously, I am willing to purchase version 10 IF I can be guaranteed the ability to have a hardcover photobook printed through a link in the program.
Syed: Okay. Thank you for the information.
Syed: Regarding this option, you will have to contact our Sales team they will help you regarding options available and right product to purchase for you.
Syed: Please contact our Sales team at 800-585-0774.
Syed: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Karen: Can you transfer this entire conversation to the sales team?
Syed: Okay.
Syed: Please stay online while I transfer this chat to them.
Please wait while I transfer you to an operator at Adobe Sales.
You are now chatting with 'Stefanie' at Adobe Sales.
Stefanie: Hi, How are you doing today?
Karen: Hi Stephanie, can you please read the chat I have from tech support (which is very similar to the chat I had with customer service yesterday) and lead me to a solution to my problem?
Stefanie: Sure, please give me a minute, while I read the chat.
Stefanie: I checked and see that you can purchase Photoshop elements 10 as it has the features of creating and printing photo book.
Karen: Through what company can you have the photobook printed?
Karen: I do know thatPhotoshop Elements 10 does say that you can create a photobook and have it printed via a link, but if that link was Kodak, it no longer works. Shutterfly does NOT print Photoshop-generated photo books.
Karen: Syed mentioned that Adobe Photoshop Services would print my photobook. How can I get to that option>
Stefanie: I'II provide you the link to purchase Photoshop services.
Stefanie: Please click here to join Photoshop.com
Karen: Please respond to this question, does Photoshop Elements 10 supply a link within the create-a-photobook that will allow me to HAVE a hardbound photobook made? (NOT through Kodak)in other words, can I "click" and within a week or so, have a hardcover, bound copy of my project sent to me?
Karen: Will the Photoshop.com services allow me to accomplish this?
Stefanie: Please give me a minute or two while I check that information for you.
Stefanie: Thank you for staying online.
Stefanie: I checked and see that using Photoshop.com you can just store and share photos online with other people, however, you'll not get a hard copy.
Stefanie: You can create a photo book and take a print of it to make a hard copy.
Karen: I do not want to store and share photos, I only want to have a photo book printed. I do not have a printer that can do it at home, and I do not have book-binding ability at home. Please answer my original question, can I get a hardcover photobook printed from Photoshop Elements 10 through a link in the program (not Kodak)? I really just need a yes or no. (used to be yes)
Karen: How can I take a "print" of a photobook project and turn it into a hardcopy? I have tried creating a PDF, but can't get anyone to print it.
Stefanie: Karen, it is not possible to send a hardcover photobook, however, you can visit your nearby internet cafe and take a print of the photos you wish to get.
Karen: This may be a major flaw in the dissolution of the relationship between Kodak and Photoshop. If you are selling version 10 with the idea of someone being able to print a photobook through a simple link in the program, that is misleading. Will you have a "fix" to this soon? If so, I'm on board with version 10.
Stefanie: Sure, I'll escalate this issue to our higher authority.
Karen: Stephanie, I wish you could see the Photoshop Photobook projects I have had printed prior to Kodak leaving. They are amazing. All I want to do is to print another book through the link in the photoshop program since there is no other way to be able to use the project I have created to produce a hardcover book (I know, I have explored MANY other options within the last week). Are you saying thatproducing a hardcover photobook through the photoshop elements program is no longer an option?
Karen: What does it mean to escalate this issue to a higher authority? Please clarify.
Stefanie: Karen, you can create photo books and print using Shutterfly, however, it's not possible to get a hard copy online.
Karen: Again, What does it mean to excalate this issue to a higher authority?
Stefanie: I mean, to print a hard copy using Elements 10 I'll escalate to our higher authority so that they can fix it without using Kodak or shutterfly.
Stefanie: Currently we only have an option to make photobook using Shutterfly.
Karen: Does that mean you will fix it so that someone wanting to print a photobook through Photoshop Elements 10 will be able to? Since that is the information provided in the advertising for the product, I would think that it would be very important to make sure the service was available, up and working.
Stefanie: I wish I could fix that for you, however, we're from sales team and do not have an access.
Stefanie: Once we escalate this issue, our higher authority will check and provide with alternate solution.
Karen: Shutterfly uses their own template only, you must upload individual photos. You can not use all of the features available in the photoshop program, they will not print your project.
Karen: The customer service team sent me to tech support, the tech support sent me to you. Is there anyone that I can speak to that will tell me how I can utilize the Photoshop Elements 10 as it is advertised? I want to be able to use the features as advertised.
Stefanie: Karen, I'd request you to call at 1-800-833-6687 from Monday to Friday 5:00 am to 7:00 pm PST.
Stefanie: They'll check and provide you with necessary information on that.
Karen: Do I have to start this whole conversation over for the third time, or will they be able to look through chat and respond?
Karen: I can call them right now, with you on chat and them on the phone. Will that work? Can you also join in the conversation?
Stefanie: Karen, you can call them now and explain them in brief since they do not have an option to view the chat transcript.
Stefanie: I'm sorry to inform you that we don't have an option to join the conversation wit
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They finally (after 1:57:10 minutes on hold this time) gave me a case number, said that the "excalation" team would be contacting me within the next 2 hours. We'll see.
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4 hours later, still waiting for the call from the manager that PROMISED he would return my call within 2 hours with updated information from the "excalation" team!
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I am on hold, again. It's been over 45 minutes so far. I asked to speak to a manager because the poor guy who was assigned to call me back was overwhelmed! He finally said that I can no longer produce the photobook that I created on Photoshop Elements. He said that the engineers might work on a "patch or update" to the program. MIGHT, mind you. That is when I said that my next step, if I can not get a photobook printed through photoshop, is that I will discuss the "truth in packaging" with the Better Business Bureau. Adobe will need to clear the shelves of Photoshop Elements software that state on the literature that the consumer CAN CREATE AND HAVE A PHOTOBOOK PRINTED THROUGH PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS!
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This is the message I received today that was promised during the last conversation. It was supposed to let me know the status of how Adobe is going to solve the problem: BACK TO SQUARE ONE!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 11:59:41 AM PDT
Hi Karen,

Thank you for contacting Adobe Technical Support. We are responding in
reference to your case 1835124 regarding Photoshop Elements 10.
We tried contacting you on at 1200 PST, however reached voice
mail and have left the voice message.

Kodak Gallery has been overtaken by Shutterfly and all the kodak gallery
services now will be taken care by shutterfly.
So you can still order hardound print of your photobook from shutterly
or print locally.

Please call us at 800 833 6687 (Monday to Friday, from 0500 hrs till
1900 hrs PST).

You can also visit www.adobe.com/go/supportportal for any assistance
regarding Adobe products. You may also visit www.forums.adobe.com as
it’s a useful resource for self-help.

Thanks & Regards
Adobe Technical Support
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I, too have been through endless loops of chatting and phone holds and have come to same conclusion as you; they no longer offer this service, but continue to sell their software with professionally printing a Photobook as a feature. Let me know if you pursue a class action against them as I will be glad to join.
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agreed, it's truly tragic. I purchased elements 10 with promise of building a book. I can't. I really think we should all get our money back.
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It appears Adobe is still lying and misrepresenting their product. I was able to receive a refund; you might try to do the same.
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Wondering if they fixed the problem and there is a link that works, seeing it is a year later.
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Dominick Venezia

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I now print my photo books on Shutterfly. I do not know if they are still selling their products with the representation of creating a photo book,
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I have found a company that says it will use pages edited by photoshop to make a printed bound photo book. I have not done this, so I do not know the quality. I have talked to a technician from the company and she agreed it can be done. The printing company is called Mixbook. The information link for printing the photoshop edited pages into a bound book is http://blog.mixbook.com/creating-your... .

I am wondering if anyone has tried this from Mixbook.
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whew...this is the conversation I'd hoped not to have about the recent upgrade. I have a customer who wants 40 copies of a photo book I did ... i find now no way to make those books for them. I am so depressed.