How do I write a feature request?

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Over the last few weeks we've seen some really well written feature requests, and some that are more difficult to follow.

What can you do to increase the chances of being heard? There are a few things to bear in mind, and I'm sure the team can add a few more pointers.

What is the request?

Think before you post. You may understand what you mean, but that won't help if no one else does.

Imagine you're trying to sell your idea to the team, so make it clear and concise. Unnecessary waffle won't help your case.

Stick to the subject. Don't go off on a tangent or muddle multiple requests in the same thread as they'll get lost.

How would you imagine it working within Lightroom?

Show that you've bothered to take them time to understand how Lightroom works first. Try not to mingle questions with requests - if you're not sure of something, ask the question or look in the documentation, and then come back with a well thought out request. It stands a better chance.

How will it help your workflow?

Describe why you want it - the problem you're currently hitting, and how this new feature would solve that problem. The team need to understand how your idea fits in, as they may come up with an even better way of solving your problem.

Get support!
If you feel strongly about a feature, and you know other people do too, get them to vote!
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Official Response
A few more suggestions.

This site works best if ideas are separated out individually so users can comment and vote on each one separately.

It's important to:

1. Not create topics that are laundry lists of ideas. Create a separate topic for each idea so users can vote and comment on individual ideas. If you do create a topic that's a laundry list of random ideas, community admins will mark it as "Not Planned" and ask you to separate out your ideas.
2. Do a search to see if your idea has already been submitted and add your vote/comments to existing topics before creating a new one.
2. Give your idea a title that says what the actual idea is. "What I'd like to see in Photoshop/Lightroom" is not an idea.