How do I get Lightroom files to open in camera raw?

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When going into Photoshop from Lightroom, I want to go straight into Camera Raw.
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Posted 9 years ago

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Official Response
The easiest way that I know of is to right-click the image thumbnail in Lightroom and choose Edit In... then, Open as Smart Object in Photoshop. When the image opens in Photoshop, just double-click the Smart Object thumbnail in the Layers palette to open the image with Camera Raw.
Hope this helps!
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Yes I forgot about that. Learned it once but now that I have to work with the "problem" it makes sense. Thanks. And it's non destructive too.
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That is the "only" way at present, and even then doesn't actually do what Jordan asked.

I'm also wondering what possible reason anyone would wish to open a file from Lr straight into Ps hosted Camera Raw. If such a reason does exist then Jordan should submit a feature request. If memory serves me correctly the Edit in Photoshop CSx feature use s Bridge Talk to communicate with Ps, thus making it fairly simple for such a feature to be implemented.
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Maybe he wants to make adjustments to a raw file or files, then save the adjusted files as dng not a tiff. There are some logical reasons to do that. The only way I know to do this is through Bridge, I do this often.
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Solution found!
Go to your lightroom and select all your edited pictures > right click > metadata > save metadata to files

then lightroom will ask you if its okay for you that the xmp (metadata) files will be saved next to your raw files, you click okay.

then go to to your folder where everything is saved and selected ALL, pictures and xmp files and drag them into your photoshop.

I set my photoshop that whenever I'm opening a picture as default camera raw is gonna open first.
If you don't have this setting set that before to drag all the pictures and xmp files ;)

there you go!
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Sure if you don't want to use the DNG file format, that works like a container keeping your xmp together with the file, right? That is the way I do it. However now you are editing outside Lightroom, meaning you are no longer "round tripping" and you would have to re-import your files in to the catalog if that is what you wanted too. I like the smart object function above or you can convert to smart object and then use the RAW Filter option. That way you don't have to manage the Catalogue, the Catalogue will do the work for you. I could explain in more detail but I don't know your working style.
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Just drag and drop the file from Lightroom to Photoshop after saving the Metadata in Lightroom. This way you go straight into Camera Raw.
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LR and PS both use the exact same Camera Raw plugin.  Why not simply create a virtual copy inside LR (CTRL + '), apply the desired editing changes, and then use CTRL + E to open it in PS? The virtual copy can then be deleted if no longer needed. That's probably faster than waiting for ACR to launch inside PS.