How many Beta Testers for LR Classic

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After this weeks release of LR Classic and the posted issues folks have. I wonder how many beta testers there are and or how much testing went into the product before GA (General Availability release)?  How does one get on the testing group? But with so many issues reported How much detail testing was performed?  I assume Adobe is fast working on a fix?  As I too have Application issues that I am noting before I post a ?
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Posted 1 year ago

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Unfortunately, regardless of how many people test software, issues always creep through. Often they're due to interactions with specific hardware and driver combinations. They're already working on fixes for issues that have been identified, and posting your issue here means that they can work on your issues too.
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Well I hope they’re working on the installation issues I and others flagged up-I haven’t had the chance to meet up with the other bugs.
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Yep, I see Pete's already on that thread, I forwarded to another staff member yesterday too.
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I wonder how so many other programs seem to manage it. It seems unlikely that so many drivers etc. could get it wrong so often but other s/w doesn't choke on them ... unless Adobe are trying to do things differently, in which case the onus *would* be on them.

I hate that most of their work on each new version of Lightroom they have released over the last few years seems to have been on trying to fix problems they'd just created themselves rather than addressing the problems still around from previous releases.
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A lot of it's GPU issues. I understand from other people that games often struggle with the same issues, because they're also using the GPU for advanced stuff, and looking at the release notes on graphics card drivers, that certainly appears to be true. I'm no programmer though, so I can't be 100% certain that information is correct.

It's true, there do seem to be a lot of bugs these days. Personally I think that's probably why they've started from scratch with LRCC, rather than continue trying to shoehorn cloud stuff into Classic. They can be much more effective building from that new clean base. 
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Well, I think the problem is something far more serious...

I was one of the beta testers and although I reported many of the listed issues (especially performance), from where I sit today, it seems they totally ignored everything I submitted as an issue! 

I am not really sure what is going on at Adobe but I know I and many others are quite upset at their lack of communication, poor quality software, seeming total disregard for the performance issues we have been screaming about for more than one year, the constant new feature barrage at the expense of fixing the features already in the products, etc.

Clearly their focus is on more new features and their focus on quality is gone.

Currently, I am playing with ON1 RAW and although it does not have many of the features I love in Lightroom, it does not have the performance issues that make it painful to use LR on any serious professional projects.

Not sure what I will do but it seems like Adobe sure does not care!!!!
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If you are one of the beta testers, then surely you know that your NDA does not permit you to reveal that.